August althing results!

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August althing results!

Postby Azus » Thu Aug 10, 2017 10:48 am

We have 50 voting members as reported by our lands; 41 people voted. Good job PMs, that's a good turnout!

Darkshore Event Funds
Shall all profits from the past Darkshore be deposited into that event fund?
25aye, 11nay, 5 abstentions
at 69%, this passes! (>50% needed)

COK Corpora Revision
Shall the corpora be amended o clarify abstensions for COK votes?
36aye, 0nay, 5abstentions
at 100%, this passes! (>2/3 needed)

How shall it be revised?
A: abstentions are tacit nays: 16votes= 44%
B: abestions don't count toward total20votes=56%
5 abstentions

Clockwork Spires
Shall Westmarch admit Clockwork Spires?
36aye, 1nay, 4abstentions
at 97%, this passes! (>50% needed)

#1 - bids adjustment
add "Sources of initial funding..."
37aye, 0nay, 4abstentions
at 100%, this passes! (>2/3 needed)

#2 event funding
increase $200 limit to $400
36aye, 2nay, 3abstentions
at 95%, this passes! (>2/3 needed)

#3 number edits
FoM section edits regarding numbers
36aye, 3nay, 2abstentions
at 92%, this passes! (>2/3 needed)

#4 add Darkshore
Add a section for Darkshore
34aye, 5nay, 5abstentions
at 94%, this passes! (>2/3 needed)

#5 storage
edit FOM storage text, add funds shortfall text
35aye, 2nay, 4abstentions
at 95%, this passes! (>2/3 needed)

#6 WMW
Add Westmarch Wars Section
21aye, 12nay, 8abstentions
at 64%, This failed! (>2/3 needed)
I've heard feedback from a couple lands regarding this item, passed it on, and WM monarchy has chatted about this. The two issues I've heard are: The attachment of midreign to the event limits the regents ability to create their own event, if they wish; and that the autocrat team should be announced on the same schedule as the other events (6 months). My impression is if addressed / corrected, people are happy for a new proposal to add WMW to the corpora. Does that seem a fair summary?
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Re: August althing results!

Postby Collin the Red » Tue Aug 15, 2017 10:17 am

ETA on new Corpora with August Althing changes?
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Re: August althing results!

Postby Fiks » Wed Aug 16, 2017 10:23 pm

Collin the Red wrote:ETA on new Corpora with August Althing changes?

I just moved. Between that and long hours at work it might be a few weeks.
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