Notice of Suspension

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Notice of Suspension

Postby Fenra » Fri Oct 05, 2018 1:52 pm

This post is to announce the ban/suspension of Collin MacAbee as of the evening of 2018-10-04. The forum post on this matter was delayed until this afternoon, my apologies.

The following posts were made to the Westmarch Facebook page yesterday evening:


An initial post was made by Collin himself at 7:32pm:

"I here by step down from the office of Monarch of Westmarch.
The KPM and KGMR came to an agreement that I also am to be Suspended under CoC 6. and unable to hold a leadership office. I have to complete sensitivity training to shorten my suspension, and I plan to do so."


Collin's post was followed by a post made by myself, Alysia Pozzi, at 7:40pm

"It is with great thought and consideration that we, Fenra and Raven, WM PM and GMR, announce the ban of Collin Macabee for violation of CoC #6. Effective immediately the terms are as follows:

A ban of 1 year, with the option to reduce this ban to 6 months following the completion of a sensitivity/harassment course. Followed by a subsequent period of 1 year during which time he may not hold a position of leadership, with the option to reduce this period to 6 months following the completion of a leadership course."
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