Regarding Dues & Attendance

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Regarding Dues & Attendance

Postby Ka'a Acklie » Sun Jan 31, 2021 11:18 am

Good evening Westmarch.
Lady Noctua and I have been working very hard this week to roll out a plan to hopefully get more people that have been active during this time dues paid, and to help our PM's reach quorum when we have althings.
As of today the following lands have Opted into Westmarch collecting dues on their behalf via PayPal:
Aegir's Hall
Aureus Saltus
Belials Peak
Crimson Wood
Nymyr's Sanctum
Thor's Refuge
Siar Geata
To pay dues please send $10 to Please make sure to include your land, and your persona name and send the payment as "Friends and Family" - otherwise, PayPal will charge a nominal fee that can't be recovered. Within 24 hours of receiving payment, we will message your PM letting them know you're now dues paid.
Additionally, attendance requirements will need to be met in order for you to vote as of February 2nd. There are several ways to participate online through our kingdom, our lands regular meetings, and other kingdoms and their lands. This means in order to vote you will need to have signed in 6 times within the last 3 months. To help people here is a clear and easy to get your 3 credits this weekend alone:
Sign in today by commenting below with your Persona Name and Land, and you'll get a color credit
Join the Crimson Wood Discord and sign in
Join the Mistyvale group on Facebook and sign in to Mistyvle Chats!
Sign onto the Westmarch Discord and sign in
Join Nymyr's Sanctum's weekly get together on their Facebook page! I have it on good authority this week will be Sea Shanty themed! ... ?ref=share
Check out Thor's Refuge's Facebook for their Zoom meetup!
Thank you,
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