Spring/Summer Tithes

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Spring/Summer Tithes

Postby Laoric » Sun Mar 12, 2017 9:18 am

Good morning to the PMs of Westmarch!

It is time again to submit your tithes for your land. Please submit a list of dues paid members and a tithe of $5/dues paid member.

If you prefer an online method, you can email your list to westmarch.amtgard@gmail.com and PayPal your tithe to the same address. Just remember to identify in the payment your land.

If you prefer to do this in-person, I will be at quals in SSD in April.

If you prefer to mail your tithes, please reach out to me via PM on the caamtgard forums and I will get you an address.

Tithes will be due to me by quals, to give people time to see me in-person if they wish.

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