Sylvan Reaches Announcement of Intent to join Westmarch

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Sylvan Reaches Announcement of Intent to join Westmarch

Postby Bustanado » Wed Mar 29, 2017 11:35 pm


Dear Westmarch I'm happy to announce Sylvan Reaches is petitioning to join your great kingdom, and cease being dirty freeholders.

As such we humbly request your support for our petition to join Westmarch, and that it be added to the docket of the April althing.

We look forward to finally becoming a proper part of the kingdom,
Rill, Sheriff of Sylven Reaches.”

We, Sylvan Reaches having publicly announced intent here, on Westmarch’s facebook group, and in person at Flurbtastic, with the blessing of the Sheriff, in addition to our petition request, will be submitting a standard land audit as per the Westmarch corpora, updating our reign calendar to fall in line with Westmarch’s calendar, and offering a review of the corpora that two of our members have produced to the corpora review committee.
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