Winter 2017 elections!

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Winter 2017 elections!

Postby Azus » Thu Nov 09, 2017 2:04 pm

Here are our Declarations

I intend to run the 2nd iteration of the Legends of the 5 Rings themed reign. Clan assignments are the same as last time (I will need to work with new lands to get them set up), with the exception that the Scorpion clan has gone into hiding, and the Phoenix clan has also gone missing.
The previous L5R reign was a success solely due to everyone's participation. So many of you picked it up and ran with it, and I think everyone had a great time of it. I hope everyone's enthusiasm is still as strong as it was when we left off.
Thanks you for your time!
Togashi Deimos (for now)

Raven Lunatic
Greetings from the Lady Lunatic! It seems that this L5R reign theme is quite popular!!! So much so that many have already begun thinking and planning. And declaring. In that context I am declaring my intent to run for WM Regent for the next reign. Here is a vaguely specific description of what I intend to do and achieve if elected as WM Regent.
The Arts and Sciences Competition that I started Winter Reign 2017 has been successful. The modifications made to the scoring, as well as having themes, was a great idea! So I will continue that with the same scoring system (thank you Kalevra). Since this is so early, and all we know is that Winter is coming, I will just say that, in general, I will continue the themed series incorporating the L5R Clans. Which means that the themes will include the Major Clans of Dragon, Scorpion, Lion, Mantis, Crab, Crane, Spider, Phoenix, and Unicorn. Minor Clans will be included TBD. May have to double-up on the themes? And we will try to hold each monthly contest at the land(s) whose Clan is part of the theme, to encourage travel and connection between the lands within Westmarch. In the initial contests, all categories will be considered, except for Rose.
The last competition will be a bit different, open to all Clan’s identities. However, the category will be (only) Rose. All entries of the final competition will need to be unique, individual work, of the Reign theme, and provide a significant benefit to your local land, or WM as a Kingdom. The intent is to provide consistency between reigns with the “Pay It Forward” theme of the Summer 2017 reign.
I will also encourage “apprentice” judge training, and also feast-o-crat apprentices to help provide the Midreign and Coronation feasts. I anticipate the opportunity to serve Westmarch as Regent again.

Good afternoon Westmarch! Declarations haven't even opened up yet and we've got an awesome bid for Monarch with an incredibly fun theme, and three bids for Regent! "Wait... three bids Dagny? There's only two!" you might be saying, but there are three. I'm making that third one right now. :D
In addition to the consistent communication and well run events you all already know from me, I have some projects and goals I'd like accomplish with the winter Regency. The core idea I'm running with is Educate and Elevate. We have a lot of talented people in Westmarch, from all over the kingdom, and I want to see everyone shine. Here's some of what I'm hoping to do to accomplish that:
*A&S Tutorial database
Westmarch has many fantastic artisans, with a variety of specialties, and I’d like to help them share that knowledge with the rest of Westmarch by assisting them with filming and editing tutorial videos that we can host in a playlist on our Westmarch youtube channel. I have a great road trip car and 3 day weekends, so we can make these happen.
*Park Artisan Highlights
I want to partner with local Regents to showcase a veteran and an up and coming artisan from their park to the rest of Westmarch. These will be shared here on the FB group periodically throughout the reign so each land gets a chance to shine.
*Online A&S Showdown
Once a month, host an online A&S showdown here on the Westmarch FB group. Each month will focus on a different category, and entries will require detailed write ups and photographs. This is aiming to enable and encourage artisans who can’t travel as much or as far to show off their skills and get some likely overdue recognition. Points will be awarded each showdown (with extra for items relating to the Kingdom L5R theme!) and the artisan with the most points at the end of the reign will get some shinys (both an Amtgard-related item, and a gift card to enable more crafting).
*Craft n’ Chat nights
Essentially A&S office hours on either Discord or another voice chat option. Ask questions! Share your crafting triumphs! Drool over inspirational pinterest boards! Vent about sewing machines breaking down! Anything crafty goes, let's build up our crafting community and support each other.
I look forward to a most interesting race, and regardless of who you all place your faith in, we'll have an awesome winter reign.
With love & service,
Baronet Page Dagny
Crane Clan

I am declaring for kingdom champion. I'm going to do my best to visit as many lands as possible. I'd also like to introduce a new method of training devised by Sweet Tate's Mike Tato for those of you on the grind or just looking to improve your game for when you get ran down whilst casting.

GMR: Dratz
Guess it is time to declare for KGMR for a second term. I am looking to continue the work I have been doing to have quality reeves test, including having an online version. I plan to continue to run tourneys with active reeving. I am looking to find ways to bring more understanding of to the rules to enhance game play for everyone.

Per the ORK, all candidates are duespaid/attendance met. :)

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