Winter Declarations

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Winter Declarations

Postby Drenth » Sat Oct 14, 2017 4:13 pm

Whispers on the wind brought news that the four powerful families of the Crane Clan would need to rally together once again and take up their mantle as the Left Hand of the Emperor. It has been many years since the Emperor had last been seen in these lands, but the Crane have never faltered in their loyalty to the crown.

Good evening Crimson Wood! With kingdom quals fast approaching, and my family now in relative safety, I have decided to announce my intent to run for the position of monarch of Crimson Wood for this winter reign. As Sir Deimos is the only candidate running for king at the moment, I have decided to base our reign around L5r (Legends of the Five Rings) and have Crimson Wood take up its mantle as Crane Clan (the best clan) once again. We will be participating in the kingdom L5r quests, as well as local Crimson Wood quests which will involve the four great families of the Crane (Doji, Kakita, Daidoji and Asahina) battling off invaders in Crane lands.

If you are interested in learning more about the Crane Clan, please take a look at this link, to get an idea of our history and which of the four families you think would suit you best. Each of the families will be granted special abilities on local quest days which will play off what each family is known for. In addition, anybody wearing the symbol of the Crane Clan, or garb based on feudal Japan will get look the part in all Crimson Wood battle games.

-Doji Drenth
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Re: Winter Declarations

Postby ElSpeth Sharrisselva » Sat Oct 14, 2017 9:42 pm

I would like to take a moment to declare my intent to run for the position of Regent of the Duchy of Crimson Wood. I have held this position many times in four lands. As I am a Serpent Knight, and typically doing A&S work at the park, I wish to focus on teaching some of my skills to those with interest and to enlist others to teach as well.

Because many people cannot make evening or A&S events I want to have something at each regular park day (weather permitting), in addition to regular A&S days. This is not to replace battle games but something members can do before, after, or between battle games as they are interested. Leatherworking, making chainmail, wire weaving, and applique are on the agenda; suggestions are always welcome. Some supplies will be provided; however, we may ask people to donate or bring their own supplies from time to time. This is your opportunity to make holiday gifts for friends and family. This is the time to sew that garb for the LR5 reign. Work on your items for Flurbtastic or Darkshore. Learn something new or finish off that project you haven’t had time to complete. I’d like to add that I will open my home to A&S on bad weather days, if an indoor venue cannot be found.

Additionally, my belted family and I are taking up the 100 days of A&S challenge and so I will encourage everyone in Crimson Wood to join us. The rules are simple: do a minimum of five minutes working on something A&S a day. If you miss a day, you start over. I will be creating prizes for anyone who completes the challenge during this winter reign and will have a tracking sheet to help with this.

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Re: Winter Declarations

Postby Bodger » Sat Nov 04, 2017 6:59 pm

I, The Jolly Bodger, declare my intent to stand for Guildmaster of Archers. I plan to focus on helping those new to Amtgard explore their interest in Archery, even if they insist on playing one of the other classes that use bows. I don't think I have mastered the craft, but those who have been playing as Archer and want to improve their skills may find my experience worth listening to, if desired.
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