2020 April BOD Minutes

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2020 April BOD Minutes

Postby NoctuaImmortuus » Thu May 07, 2020 7:13 pm

Westmarch Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – April 16, 2020
Date | Time 04.16.2020 | 7:16 PM | Meeting called to order by Jodi Van Tine

Roll Call
Approve Last Meeting’s Minutes
Old Business
• Tax Filings: SI-100, TB199, IRS199-N
• Azus’ Contract
• Darkshore Update
• PM Turnover
• Website Move
• Ashen Grove Contract
• Defunct Lands
New Business
• Westmarch Zoom Account
• Quals and Coronation
Next Meeting

Attendance / Roll Call
Committee Members: Brandy Lee DeMarco Rodney (present), Bryan Kloberdanz (present), Em Grandinetti (not present), Ian Crawford (present), Jodi Van Tine (present), Justin Smith (present), Kiana Nicole Brown (present), Kim Richards (present)

Approval of Minutes
Brandy read meeting minutes from last month. Brandy will complete the edits of the notes and post to CA Amtgard to review and approve. Notes are not approved at this time.

Tax Filings: SI-100, FTB199, IRS199-N
Justin status – he has not started them yet. We require an account to post.
Deadline is May 15th. Justin will complete the forms prior to the deadline. We will schedule the meeting prior to completion in case we needed discussion.
Ian noted that none of the filings have been started yet as of last month – and that now only Federal has been started. Ian asked who the current treasurer is – Kiana is the treasurer, but Justin and Kiana have not been able to get to a bank.

Azus Storage Contract
Azus’ contract was signed and finalized – sent to WM PM to be filed.

Darkshore Update
Jodi has canceled the reservation for Darkshore.
All the money was reconciled. The VIP tickets were refunded. Supplies have been returned and refunded. Justin confirmed that all documentation and receipts have been received.
Darkshore 2020 is closed out.

PM Turnover
Jodi asked if it’s possible to complete the PM Turnover, per Corpora. How can we complete this and be in line with Corpora and also maintain social distancing?
Justin and Kiana to complete the turnover by next meeting.

Website Move
Jodi states that there hasn’t been any progress on the website move.
Ian hadn’t learned about this prior to being asked by Jodi. Brandy asked why we are moving and what will be required.
The WM website is being hosted by a former member of WM, and we have no direct control of the site. Ian is the only one to have access aside from the owner of the account. It was discussed last year that WM should transfer to our own hosted solution.
Alysia had looked into Sonic’s – no progress at this time.
Jodi – do we want to continue to pursue this and move forward.
Justin states that an althing item passed for the cost of $15 – December 2019 Althing $9.99.
The company wasn’t tied to the proposal.
Brandy and Ian to determine the requirements for the new hosting service.
Kiana motions to continue to look for a hosting provider for a WM website, Justin seconds. Motion passes unanimously.

Ashen Grove Contract
Ashen Grove is now a sponsored land.

Defunct Lands
Jodi asked if we want to address defunct lands.
Justin reads Corpora Article 9, Section 1, Item 4
Jodi: are the groups dissolved? Have they ceased meeting? They definitely aren’t meeting anymore.
Justin: BOD doesn’t need to do anything. Sylvan Reaches are defunct; we should probably be removing them. We have a number of groups that are not defunct that continues to fail audits. Fal Dare refuses to submit audits.
Jodi: Let’s make a list of groups that we think are defunct, have a liaison reach out to the groups and see if the groups want to be part of WM or do not want to be part of WM and discuss again next month so that the PM can address the funding.
Justin: This isn’t really the purvue of the BOD.
Kim: Agrees
Jodi: Can we bring a list to the Monarchy and review next meeting?
Kim: Asked if we can do it sooner so she can address before 52 is (potentially) voted into office.
Ian will provide a list to Kim ASAP.
Tabled for next meeting.

Westmarch Zoom Account
We have numerous groups that need to use web conferencing.
Zoom is $15.00 a month. Is this something that Westmarch can finance?
Ian asks for financial information (monthly income and monthly expenses).
Brandy motions to move to althing for the monthly fee and transfer her account to Westmarch. Kim seconds. Once this goes through althing, Brandy will transfer the account.

Quals and Coronation
52 is running quals, all entries are being sent to Kiana – Kiana is Aegir’s Hall Regent.
She will be sharing the entries with the judges and then will post the scores.
Kim would like to do a coronation over Zoom or other Webinar.
Assuming 52 is getting voted into office, Kim would like to have him added to the next meeting.

Next Meeting
Jodi moves to schedule the next meeting.
Brandy moves to schedule next meeting for May 7, 2020 at 7:00 PM.

Close meeting at 8:06 PM
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