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Land Contracts Logistics

Postby Fiks » Mon Jun 13, 2016 10:56 pm

This is the list of land contracts between Westmarch and its Sponsored Lands that are "Awaiting Submission," "Past Due," or "In Process." The process for the submission of land contracts and sponsorship of an Amtgard chapter, as outlined by the Kingdom Corpora, is:
  • Local chapter prints contract (corpora Article XIII)
  • Local chapter's PM and Monarch sign contract and initial and date "Date signed by Sponsored Chapter" line
  • Local chapter initials and dates "Date sent by Sponsored Chapter" line, then mail/hand off to Westmarch (Amtgard, Kingdom of Westmarch, Inc, P.O. Box 660992, Sacramento, CA 95866) same day
  • Upon receipt by an officer of WM (BoD or Monarchy), officer initials and dates "Date received by Westmarch" line
  • Local chapter must then pass 2/3 vote (see note 1 below) by Kingdom Althing to be accepted by WM as a Sponsored Land
  • Upon successful vote, WM BoD and Monarch signs appropriate lines on contract
  • Last WM officer to sign initials and dates "Date signed by Westmarch" line
  • Finally an officer of WM shall initial and date "Date returned to Sponsored Chapter" line, scan the contract for retention by the Kingdom, and then mail/hand off contract back to Sponsored Chapter for their own retention
Once a land has petitioned Westmarch and made their wishes to be sponsored by the Kingdom known, their contract shall be added to the list below as "Awaiting Submission" alongside a date. Per the Corpora, a contract must be submitted to Westmarch within one (1) year of the Sponsored Chapter's formation (see note 2 below), and upon a successful vote to accept the Sponsored Chapter the WM BoD has thirty (30) days to return the completed contract to the Sponsored Chapter. Any contracts not completed within either time frames will be noted as "Past Due" below along with a note of with whom the contract currently resides. Upon receipt by an officer of Westmarch, a new contract will be listed as "In Process" below alongside with a note of with whom the contract currently resides and a date. Once a contract is completed and sent back to the Sponsored Chapter, its contract shall be added to the "Finished" section below any "Unfinished" contracts.

If you believe the status of a land contract is listed in error below, be sure to contact one of these WM officers with your concern: Monarch, Prime Minister, BoD Liason, BoD President. A list of BoD and Monarchy officers are usually listed in a separate thread in these BoD forums.

Unfinished Contracts
  • None
Finished Contracts
  • Thor's Refuge (4/26/14)
  • Crimson Wood (4/26/14)
  • Aegir's Hall (7/23/14)
  • Wyvern's Spur (4/26/14)
  • Ashen Spire (1/26/14)
  • Wavehaven (4/26/14)
  • Seven Sleeping Dragons (4/25/14)
  • Fal Dare (10/18/14)
  • Mistyvale (2/22/15)
  • Aureus Saltus (3/16/14)
  • Belial Peaks (9/14/16)
  • Sunfire Valley (10/28/14)
  • Valley of the Fallen (6/9/16)
  • Bremen's Fortress (6/17/16)
  • Siar Geata (4/26/14)
  • Skyfire Bay (7/6/16)
  • Sylvan Reaches (5/30/17)

Note 1
Adoption of a Sponsored Chapter into Westmarch is noted as only requiring a simple majority in Article V, Section 3, Item 3, subitem c. of the Kingdom Corpora. However, later on in the document in Article XIII a 2/3 majority at the Althing is noted twice. Historically the simple majority rule has been used, and this conflict has been promised to be addressed by the Corpora Committee of 2016.

Note 2
The statement of "The Sponsored must meet the following terms, sign this agreement and sent it by registered mail to the receipt by Westmarch within one (1) year of the Sponsored Chapter's formation" in the contract appears to be a mistake. If taken literally, it would mean any group older than a year old could not petition for sponsorship by Westmarch. The ridiculousness of that concept has led to most officers interpreting this to mean "within one (1) year of petition to Westmarch for sponsorship." This has been promised to be addressed by the Corpora Committee of 2016.
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