September 2018 Meeting

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September 2018 Meeting

Postby Fiks » Thu Sep 20, 2018 6:07 pm

The Board of Directors for the Kingdom of Westmarch shall be meeting on Thursday the 20th of September at 7:00PM for our monthly meeting. This meeting shall be conducted on Google Hangouts and can be viewed by anyone interested at this link: YouTube Broadcast. Shortly after the meeting, a video recording can be watched at that same link. The agenda for this meeting shall be as follows:

Call to Order and Roll Call

Reading of the Last Meeting's Minutes

Old Business
  • FoM XIV
  • Amtgard International / Westmarch Fundraising
  • Prime Minister Hand-over, Financial Audit and Contract
  • Nymyr's Sanctum Contract
New Business
  • Audit Post-mortem
  • BoD Best Practices (AI BoD recommended)
  • Annual Insurance
  • Corpora Compliance and Contracts
Open Floor

Schedule October Meeting

Meeting Adjournment
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