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January 2019 Meeting

Postby Fiks » Tue Jan 15, 2019 7:37 pm

The Board of Directors for the Kingdom of Westmarch shall be meeting on Thursday, the 15th of January at 7:00PM for our monthly meeting. This meeting shall be conducted on Google Hangouts and can be viewed by anyone interested at this link: YouTube Broadcast. Shortly after the meeting, a video recording can be watched at that same link. The agenda for this meeting shall be as follows:

Call to Order and Roll Call

Corpora Review and Officer Elections

Policies Review

Old BusinessNew Business
  • None
Open Floor

Schedule February Meeting

Meeting Adjournment
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Re: January 2019 Meeting

Postby ravenb » Sun Jan 20, 2019 12:04 pm

Minutes January 15 2019 WM BOD
Meeting was called to order 1915 Tuesday January 15, 2019. In attendance were:
Alysia Pozzi, WM PM
Bryan Kloberdanz
Ian Crawford
Jessica Leah Fetcho, WM Monarch
Robert Mott
Not in attendance: Kim Richards

1. First order of business: Read Corpora section on BOD, and elect officers

Read Westmarch Corpora Article X, Board of Directors
1. The Board of Directors (“the Board”, “Board”, “BoD”, “WM-BoD”) shall
a. Deal with any government or outside agencies, businesses, or organizations, or any of the local
chapter’s subsidiary chapters with regard to contractual obligations.
2. The Board of Directors shall be composed of the Monarch, the Prime Minister, and five elected members.
An alternate member may be elected to fill in when another board member is absent.
3. An election shall be held by the Prime Minister every January to elect members of the Board of Directors.
a. Only voting members may hold a seat on the Board of Directors.
i. Voting membership must be maintained in order to remain on the Board.
b. Candidates must announce their candidacy publicly and in writing to the Prime Minister at least one
(1) week prior to the election.
c. All candidates must be eighteen (18) years or older.
d. All Candidates must qualify with a simple majority confidence/no confidence vote.
e. The winners of the election will be the five (5) people who pass a simple confidence vote with the
highest number of confidence votes, with the 6th person reserved as the alternate member.
4. The alternate member of the Board of Directors shall only vote in Board meetings when another Board
member is absent.
5. No person may hold more than one vote on the Board.
6. The Board shall meet once per month, or as needed, and all meetings shall be open to the public. Board of
Directors meetings may be canceled by joint agreement of the Board of Directors President and Vice
7. Should the membership of the Board of Directors fall below five, the alternate will become a full member,
and an election shall be held to fill the vacant seats until January.
8. The Board must have a quorum of 51% or more present to conduct any Board business.
9. Any member of the Board who misses three (3) meetings in a row shall be removed. Special situations may
be given consideration by the Board.
10. All meeting notes shall be made public via electronic posting or print copy upon request from anyone
mundane or member.
1. The Board of Directors shall elect from their number a President who shall conduct all meetings of the
a. The President has the authority to break all ties, for votes of the WM-BoD.
2. The Board of Directors shall elect from their number a Vice President who shall
a. Serve as President if the President is absent.
b. Become President if the position becomes empty.
3. The Board of Directors shall elect from their number a Treasurer who shall:
a. Work closely with the Prime Minister in monitoring Kingdom funds.
b. Perform unsolicited audits of the Kingdom financial records.
c. Audit all records at the end of each Prime Minister’s term of office before they are turned over to
the next Prime Minister, as well as the middle of the Prime Minister’s term.
d. If necessary, seize all records and finances with the approval of the President, the disposition of
which must be handled at the next Board meeting.
e. Shall maintain the Kingdom’s non-profit status.
Westmarch Kingdom Corpora v1.12 30
4. The Board of Directors shall elect from their number a Liaison Officer who shall
a. Be responsible for contact with all outside agencies.
b. Maintain a mailing and phone list of all agencies the Kingdom deals with.
c. Maintain copies of all contracts between the Board of Directors and any outside agency or
subsidiary chapter.
5. The Board of Directors shall elect from their number a Secretary who shall
a. Record all minutes of Board of Directors meetings and publish them within four (4) weeks.
Publication is defined as hardcopy or electronic retrieval (such as posted on a website).
6. The Monarch and Prime Minister may not serve as officers of the WM-BoD.
1. The Board has no status in the order of precedence and no jurisdiction over any internal club or local
chapter functions except as noted above.
2. The Board has no power to change, amend, alter, or otherwise affect the rulebook, Corpora, or supplements
to either publication.

BOD officer elections, call for nominations:
President: Bryan nominated Robert Mott
Approved unanimously

Treasurer: Ian Crawford nominated
5 Aye votes, 1 abstain (Ian Crawford)

Secretary: Jodi Begley
5 aye votes, 1 abstain

Liaison: Bryan Kloberdanz
5 aye votes, 1 abstain

Vice President: Kim Richards
Approved unanimously, based on her acceptance when she is able to attend

Alternate needed. Due to the pending Corpora change to allow non-core lands to participate in Kingdom offices. This would allow non-core members a change to serve on the BOD. Leah is working feverishly on the Corpora amendments for the February althing, so the alternate would come up for a declaration and vote in althing in the March althing. Since a quorum is 4 out of 7 members, we will be able to have a BOD meeting, but if there are less than that we would need to postpone.

https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bz1BWD ... sp=sharing

a. 2012 requirement for a place holder for missed meeting due to inclement weather:

2012 Land Audit Rain Day Placeholders
In the later half of 2012, the Board of Directors elected to require for the land audits a
descriptive placeholder for days the land did not meet and a scan/screenshot of a weather report if the missed day was due to inclement weather. The weather report requirement has been continued by consecutive Boards since. If a land misses a week of Amtgard due to inclement weather, the reason for the zero attendance must be noted and the Board would like to see a scan/screenshot of a weather report corroborating that claim.
Last year we were not as strict about this. Jessica says we need to just trust the parks. Robert made a motion: if parks give a reason for a missed park day, e.g. weather (including bad air quality) we accept on good faith, and give an explanation, that we would accept that. Rescended. Is there a number?
Jessica moves we accept the explanation for missed park days up to a reasonable point for the 2019 audit periods.
Alysia aye
Bryan (internet out-offline)
Ian aye
Jessica aye
Jodi aye
Robert aye
Motion passes that we will allow a place holder for missing park days, with an explanation, up to a reasonable point. The key is a “reasonable point”. for weather or other reasons. “Reasonable” means the BOD has discretion as to what is “reasonable”. Officially we are not dropping the old policy we are changing it to give the BOD discretion, with placeholders and an explanation.

b. 2014 EIN Use Request Form
At the end of 2013, and continued in the beginning of 2014, the Board of Directors established the policy surrounding the use of the Westmarch EIN by its members. This policy is general invoked for if a member of the Kingdom wishes to use the EIN to obtain a discounted rate offered for non-profit organizations, insurance, or other such needs. The member in question must fill out and submit a standard form available on the WM website to the Board. The Board will discuss the risks and benefits of the request then tender a response to the applicant.
Voted to accept: unanimous aye. Passed to accept as written

c. 2016 Land Audit “Advertising” Requirements
In the middle of 2016 the Board of Directors elected to refine the “Proof of Advertising” requirement for the land audits to mean advertising “as a verb.” Lands must show their advertising in action, ie: a photo of a flyer posted on a board, photos of a demo or re-cruitment event, screenshot of an active website or current advertisement campaign, etc. The Board also requested that lands submit current proof that occurred within the time period being audited by the Board.
Discussion: this was dropped last year as it was considered stricter than the Corpora.

d. 2016 PayPal Adoption
Near the end of 2016, the Board and Directors and Kingdom Prime Minister agreed to open a PayPal account to facilitate the issuing and receiving of payments electronically.
Vote was made to keep as is and passed unanimously

e. 2016 Board of Directors Handbook
At the end of 2016, the Board elected to create and ask to be maintained a document collating all the Decisions and Policies that the Board of Directors for that year and previous years agreed to uphold themselves to. Thus this document was created. Any decision and policy enacted by a previous Board must be voted on and adopted by the standing Board in any future year.
Motion was made to continue the WM BOD handbook, and the motion passed unanimously.
At the end of 2018, three items were discussed concerning audits: a)continuation of land support for, and especially, previous fails, b) allowing a grace period of 1 week after the submission deadline to allow lands to amend their audit submissions to upgrade a fail to a pass, and c) suggesting a sign-in sheet mulligan for up to 2 missing sign-in sheets.
a) Motion was made to accept the policy of continued support for lands for audits, especially lands who failed the previous audit. Alysia, Ian, Jessica, Jodi and Robert all voted aye. Motion passed unanimously.
b) Motion was made to allow a grace period (1 week) for audit amendment, to change a fail to a pass only. Alysia, Ian, Jessica, Jodi, Kim and Robert all voted aye. Motion passed unanimously.
c) Motion was made to allow a mulligan for up to 2 missing sign-in sheets (accept as written). Alysia, Ian, Jessica, Jodi, and Robert all vote aye. Motion passes unanimously.
Ian will get the changes into the BOD handbook (fail to pass and sign-in sheet items). The audit support items do not need to be added.

A discussion by Jessica was initiated by Jessica concerning Parliamentary Procedure, to consider for BOD meeting format.
The president can make a motion or second a motion.
In parliamentary procedure, members need to read the posted meeting notes prior to the meeting and then vote to accept. The meeting notes are not required to be read in their entirety at the beginning of every meeting. Ian stated that was why we read a shortened version (cliff notes) of the meeting notes instead.
No action was taken on this item.

3. Back to audit prep discussion:
Last year we had divided up the lands and each member signed up for lands to monitor/provide assistance.
Jessica has reached out but since the PM won’t reply, she is waiting for the Sheriff to respond.
Since Nakita is not on the 2019 BOD, we need to give the lands she was responsible for to a current member. Jodi will take Thor’s Refuge, Mistyvale, and Belial Peaks. Alysia has already been in communication with Siar Gaeta, and they should be good for their audit.
Ian has been in communication with Misty, but not with SSD yet. Jessica will be talking with SSD tonight. Last year their PM moved from SSD to Ohio right in the middle of the audit, so that will not be the same issue this time.
Ian has a link with a thorough spreadsheet with the audit history from the beginning of WM:
https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ ... sp=sharing
Last period the lands that failed were: SSD, FD, AS (NS), AH, SR, VOTF, SFB
SFB doesn’t play Amtgard. AS did get one it and should be better this time. SSD late only. FD needs help, has a new PM who has been updating the ORK, may not have everything they need. Alysia has been making an effort to work with them, hopefully an equal effort on their part. AH-said they had it, then didn’t. AH this year-52 is the PM. Clockwork Spires: should be OK. Robert has all these lands (NS, AH, CS) and thinks they should be good, is actively helping Nymyr’s Sanctum getting a passing audit prepared, and is meeting with them in person to help.
Ian will be making an audit review worksheet and will put it together, reset it, and post for our use. It is so very helpful.
Kim added 810pm
Bryan is back online and participating.
WM Fundraising committee meeting is in 2 days (Thursday). Ian has been in communication with Tarathena concerning this item. Robert has recused himself from the WM Fundraising Committee due to his health and time commitments, to leave a position on the committee for someone with more enthusiasm.
Tarathena joined to provide an update about the AIBOD fundraising committee. AIBOD meets tomorrow and will be discussing the things to get the WM BOD the information they need. They will be ironing out the implications of the AI-WM relationships and write up a protocol for an audit writeup and what the CA rules are. AI 501c3-WM 501c7: if we change the way we do fundraising what does that interface change look like? Maybe Tarathena could draw that up as a formal document to review in February and table until March to discuss, depending on how long the audit meeting takes. Tarathena states there is currently no purpose for a WM fundraising committee (Tarathena, Bryan, Jason, Jodi and Mark P James) until she and Gorin formally write up a document for the WM BOD to approve or deny. The current WM fundraising committee is adequate, but is basically on hold until Tarathena and Gorin are able to present, and the WMBOD approve, a formal agreement between WM and AI concerning fundraising.
Tarathena will try to get the document written up and available for our review before the February meeting.
5. AI BOD best practices:

Robert suggests we table this item to table until the next meeting to allow people the chance to look at the document. There were some things we disagree with that warrant discussion, e.g. the employment requirement. With the audits coming up, Jessica made a motion to table this item to the March BOD meeting.
Ian: Only 2-3 people have made comments on it so far. Request was made for Ian to repost the link for everyone to get current on this before the March meeting.
https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A ... 98tBehNsY8

Alysia, Ian, Jessica, Jodi, Kim and Robert voted aye to table the discussion of the AI BOD best practices until March. Motion passed unanimously.


Per Alysia, Fal Dare has a new PM who said she will let Alysia know if she needs help.
Kim Richards was informed of her nomination for Vice President and accepts the Vice President position.

Motion was made to schedule the meeting February 7. There is not much time after the Feb 1 submission deadline to review the number of audits we have. Robert will not be available any time the third week in February from the 19th. A discussion was held concerning possible dates, starting time of the meeting for 715.
Corpora amendment will be in the February althing, so the next althing to gain an alternate member can not happen until the first weekend of the month. Possibly an emergency althing could be held, with the cooperation of the PM, the weekend after the February althing to gain the alternate position. Lothar has indicated interest in the alternate BOD member position. Robert prefers the 28th, but if it is that late, and we allow amendments it goes into March. However, the Corpora says we need to post results within a month of the deadline. Motion was made to hold the meeting on the 7th of February.
Alysia votes aye, Jessica is uncertain how long it might take to go through the audits. Ian said if all the audits come in on the 31st, it only gives us 7 days, which is not much time. An audit a day is reasonable, and we have 15 +/-3 lands. So February 12th would provide time for approximately 1 audit review per day. MV and CW have already submitted, so maybe check them as far as we can, which leaves 13 audits after Jan 31 deadline. A brief discussion for new members as to what reviewing an audit package was provided: attendance, sign-in sheets, WM audit form, Quals and Quals requirements, WM and DM results, advertising. Attendance sheets and correlating with audit package can be labor intensive, and also there are financials, ledgers, receipts. Additionally, what is supposed to be included in an audit is in the Corpora.
Robert will make a checklist of what we need to do and post a list on the chat.
Jodi suggested we review the MV and CW audits already in and use them as a guideline for what an audit should look like.
Ian will put together a spreadsheet for audit review:
https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ ... sp=sharing
Robert made a suggestion to hold the February WM BOD meeting Tuesday February 12 starting at 715 pm. The idea passed unanimously.
If there is a failed audit, Robert asked the liaison officer to call him as he may not have internet access. Bryan will take care of contacting Robert as needed if we have the need. Does the VP step in for the president then if Robert can not be reached. He should have internet on the ship, just not while he is flying.
Motion was made to adjourn the meeting, seconded and passed unanimously.
Meeting was adjourned at approximately 2043.
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