Jan-June 2019 Audit Results

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Jan-June 2019 Audit Results

Postby Lothar » Sat Aug 31, 2019 12:56 pm

Audit results for the January-June 2019 period

Aegir's Hall: Excellent

Aureus Saltus: Fail [Did not submit an audit.]

Belial Peaks: Fail [Did not submit an audit.]

Bremen's Fortress: Excellent (U)

Clockwork Spires: Fail [Did not submit an audit.]

Crimson Wood: Pass (U) [Did not meet attendance requirements.]

Fal Dare: Fail [Did not submit an audit.]

Mistyvale: Excellent (U)

Nymyr's Sanctum: Pass (U) [Did not meet every other week.]

Seven Sleeping Dragons: Excellent (U)

Siar Geata: Excellent (U)

Skyfire Bay: Fail [Did not submit an audit.]

Sylvan Reaches: Fail [Did not submit an audit.]

Thor's Refuge: Pass [Election results incomplete. Missing bank statements.]

Valley of the Fallen: Pass(U) [Missing physical ledger.]

Wavehaven: Pass [Incomplete crown quals results.]

Wyvern's Spur: Pass [Missing officer position, missing election results.]
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