January 9 BOD meeting agenda

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January 9 BOD meeting agenda

Postby ravenb » Tue Jan 07, 2020 6:49 am

WM BOD 202 meeting agenda
1. Call to order
2. Read Corpora section on BOD
3. Read description of BOD positions and elect new members to positions:
a. President, Secretary, VP, Treasurer, Liaison
4. Review and approve minutes from December meeting
a. LARP insurance
b. Storage: compensate Azus?
c. Website move
d. Keys
e. Audits
i. Assign members to reach out
ii. Redistribute powerpoint: useful?
iii. Organize the audit excel spreadsheet for BOD members to use
iv. Document past audit results for the last 2 years (4 audit periods)
v. Discuss how audits are submitted and reviewed
vi. Standardization of audits
7. Next (February meeting date
8. Adjourn
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