January 202 WMBOD meeting notes

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January 202 WMBOD meeting notes

Postby ravenb » Thu Feb 27, 2020 7:46 pm

BoD Minutes for January 2020

BoD Meeting Begins at approximately 6:20pm

Role is called:
Angel Traub
Justin Smith
Ian Crawford
Mike Geske
Brandy Rodney
Em Grandinetti
Bryan Kloberdanz
Jodi Van Tine
Kiana Brown

Jodi reads from the corpora (Article X: Board of Directors)

Jodi moves to elect office positions for the BoD

Jodi as President (unanimous Yes vote)
Angel as Secretary (unanimous Yes vote)
Bryan as Vice President (unanimous Yes vote)
Kiana as Liaison (unanimous Yes vote)
Em as Treasurer*
*discussion arose about the ability to fulfil this role and Kiana offered to be Treasurer.

Revote for Kiana as Treasurer (unanimous Yes vote)
Em as Liaison (unanimous Yes vote)

Justin reads December 2019 BoD meeting minutes (voted and approved as read)

Old Business:

Topic 1
Larp Insurance
- Discission of document for insurance
- Cost per member (discussion on what is a “member”)
- Would cover car damages and replace event insurance

Questions from discussion
- Do we want insurance?
- How do we cover the cost of insurance?
- How do we choose what a member is?

Held a vote for “Do we want insurance?” (unanimous Yes vote)

Discussion ended with Em being tasked with reaching out to the insurance company to follow up with them for a more accurate estimate.

Topic 2
David Zucker is the current storage location for Westmarch items
Motion passed to have David attend a BoD meeting for storage discussion

End of old business.

New Business

Topic 1
Current location of PO Box keys
- Brandy, Jodi and Justin currently have each of the 3 keys

Topic 2
- Reach out to parks by the 18th
- Bryan will update the spreadsheet
- Justin has already prepared the document for the audits
Discussion on how how audits are received through email and added to our google drive

Voted to postpone until February meeting the results about the Westmarch website.

Selected and voted on the next BoD meeting of February 20th at 6:30pm

Meeting ends at 7:58pm
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