September 2020 BOD meeting agenda

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September 2020 BOD meeting agenda

Postby ravenb » Sun Sep 13, 2020 12:02 pm

17 September 2020 WM BOD meeting agenda

Call to order scheduled to start 8 pm Thursday 17 September
ACCEPT AUGUST MEETING MINUTES (please review before the meeting, Brandy posted right after the August meeting in this thread)


• Website move: Sonic
o Sonic test migration
o Research documented steps
o Work on upgrade and migration plan
o Get solid plan/test before purchase
o $$ already approved by althing
• Westmarch contract revision- Johnnie was going to do, add something for a time limit and then needs resigning (for “defunct: lands
• CofC handbook status
o has been posted on WM FB page
o Posted in caamtgard forums 10 September
o Land audits: posted in FB that audits not published: all lands receive excellent
 Announcement posted in caamtgard 13 September
 Need to update the archive spreadsheet

• Food Fight
• PM: election/turnover
• PM: Gather land tithes
• AI contribution
• Also, if Brandy is voted in as WMPM, we will need a new secretary, and an alternate?
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