Traveling Quest Line!

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Traveling Quest Line!

Postby Lady Tamara » Tue Apr 04, 2017 1:27 pm

Every person who signs in will receive a charm to commemorate that event, charms will give a bonus for the following quest.

The Purge~The Dreamer Awakens part 2
This event will be in Berkeley at Wyvren’s Spur on May 21st! Join us for more wild adventure!

The Purge~New Beginnings part 3
This event will be held in Fair Oaks at Thor’s Refuge on June 25th. What dire straights will our adventures overcome?

The Purge~Purfication part 4
Come to Rohnert Park at Crimson Woods on July 29th. How will the adventurers fair in this battle?

There will be prizes at the end of each quest day. Come and play and visit your neighboring lands!
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