Feast of Mars 2017 - Sept 28th-Oct 1st

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Feast of Mars 2017 - Sept 28th-Oct 1st

Postby Faye » Tue May 23, 2017 9:38 am

Edit as of 5/24 - added site fee info and weekend schedule
Edit as of 7/27 - Updated site fee info
Feast of Mars is coming - full of Friday battle-games, the signature Saturday Gladiatorial games, and so much more! We will add updates, including a full schedule shortly, but for now, here are the basics:

Feast of Mars will be held from Thursday, September 28th through Sunday, October 1st, at San Lorenzo Park in King City, CA.
Site fee is $35 for the full weekend, $20 for day-trippers. For kids under 12 years old, full weekend is $15, or $10 for day-trip, however they MUST be attended by a responsible adult. (If you are bringing kids who are not your own, please contact me so that I can provide appropriate release forms in case of emergency.) Full-weekend pre-pay gets a discount, and is $30, see post below for details.

Your crat staff for this event is as follows:
Autocrat - Faye McKenzie
War/FOM-o-crat - Bacchus
Feast-o-crat - Fiona Fairweather
Gate-o-crat - Scorch
Security - Kalevra Fallstar

Schedule of Events
Thursday - 3 pm - site opens
- 7:00 pm - Early Bird Warlord Sports Tourney

Friday - 8 am breakfast - Sponsored Breakfast OR
-Honeyed biscuits
-Oranges dressed in cinnamon and rosewater
-Seasoned scrambled eggs
-Loose chopped salt pork
- 9:00 am battle game - The Battle of Blackwater (3 team militia)
- 10:30 am battle game - Battle at the Fist of the First Men (2 team militia)
- 12 pm lunch
-Flat bread
-Moretum Roman Pesto
-Diced or shredded chicken with honey lemon sauce
- 1:00 pm battle game - Battle of the Iron Isles (2 team full class)
- 2:30 pm battle game - TBD full class battle
- 4:00 pm battle game - TBD full class battle
- 6:00 pm dinner/Land court/announcements
-Pork shoulder simmered with wine and leeks, fried with spices
-Carrot, parsnip, and lentil mash
-Green beans with leeks and herbs
-Flat bread
- 7:30 pm bar fight tournament - The Red Wedding
- 7:30 pm Odin Madir Poker tournament to benefit Food Fight, at feast area

Saturday - 8 am breakfast - Sponsored Breakfast OR
-Honeyed biscuits
-Seasonal fruit
-Seasoned scrambled eggs
-Sausage with cumin
- 9:30 am slave ditch/trainer briefing/FOM team selection
- 11:00 am FOM Bronze Division
- 1:00 pm lunch
-Sliced turkey breast
-Sliced ham or roast beef
-Cheese cubes
-Olives, grapes, oranges, dried figs, dried dates, and/or dried apricots
-Flat bread
- 2:00 pm FOM Silver/Gold Divisions
- 5:00 pm Post-FoM battle game (optional)
- 7:00 pm dinner/FOM awards/Westmarch court
-Honey roasted beef
-Honey roasted lamb
-Rice with sweet aromatic spices and dried fruit
-Salad Oxogarita
-Flat bread (Vegetarian, contains milk, soy, wheat)

Sunday - leave site by noon

I will be putting out the call for trainers within the next few weeks.

As a reminder, the prize table for Saturday night is run on donations, so start thinking now about what sort of prize you can make or donate.
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Re: Feast of Mars 2017 - Sept 28th-Oct 1st

Postby Faye » Sun Jun 04, 2017 10:37 am

Official call out for trainers - PLEASE READ ENTIRE POST.

What is a trainer? On Saturday, Feast of Mars has gladiatorial games. The trainers each have their own team color, and create their teams by bidding on players. During the games, trainers also place bets with each other to win more gold. Trainers will also be allowed a pick from the prize table, with the winning trainer having the second pick after the winning gladiator. Trainer scores are based both upon how well their team performed, and on how much gold they have at the end of the games. This year, we will also be encouraging trainers to support and help coordinate their teams. Trainers will have responsibilities during the games themselves.

How are we selecting trainers this year? In order to encourage new trainers, we will be giving priority to those who have not been a trainer before. It will not necessarily be first-come-first-served; we will evaluate all responses. We will post our final selection by June 18th.

How do I request being a trainer? Please PM Faye with the following:
Your persona name
Have you been a trainer before
Team color preference (may include first and second choice, but is by no means guaranteed)

Thank you all!
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Re: Feast of Mars 2017 - Sept 28th-Oct 1st

Postby Faye » Tue Jun 20, 2017 6:35 pm

Announcing the trainers for this year's Feast of Mars:

Blue - Tosh
Red - Kaytana
Green - Thaddeus
Yellow - Jason
Orange - Slowpoke
Purple - Kalandra

I would like to thank everyone who requested trainer positions - we had a total of 16 applicants, which is way more than we have trainer spots for! For those of who who did not earn a spot, fear not - we are working with the trainers to ask each of them to take on a co-trainer who will be their assistant at the slave pavilion.
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Re: Feast of Mars 2017 - Sept 28th-Oct 1st

Postby Faye » Thu Jul 06, 2017 7:34 pm

One of the cool things about Feast of Mars is the prize table. If you are new to Feast of Mars, here's the scoop - trainers and gladiators who participate in Feast of Mars will get a shot at winning something from the table; starting with highest score and working down. The prize table is donation-run; anyone who is attending the event (or can send someone else to the event) is welcome to donate a prize. More prizes available means more people get something, plus, it's really cool to see what everyone came up with! So, what can a prize be? Why, I'm glad you asked, person who is hypothetically having this conversation with me; prizes can be anything fantasy or Amtgard related. Examples from the past include weapons, garb, shields, live steel weapons, and so on. With that in mind, if you are thinking about making or donating a prize - please do! Also, if you would like to offer a custom prize, such as making garb to someone's specifications, we will have a poster-board available for you to post a card with what you are offering, and your contact info. Happy crafting!
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Re: Feast of Mars 2017 - Sept 28th-Oct 1st

Postby Faye » Thu Jul 27, 2017 6:47 am

Gate fee updates and Pre-pay information!

It was brought to my attention by your Gate-o-Crat Scorch that the previously listed FOM gate fee was a bit high. So, we have re-evaluated, and the new gate fee information is as follows:
Ages 12 and up full weekend - $35
Under 12 full weekend - $15
Ages 12 and up Saturday only - $20
Under 12 Saturday only - $10

This information will be updated on the main page shortly.

But wait, there's more - if you pre-pay through PayPal, the full weekend cost for Ages 12 and up is $30! (Single day and under 12 prices will remain the same.)

To pre-pay, please follow the instructions below:
-Send through PayPal via the 'send money to friends in the US' button.
-For recipient, use e-mail address meganfay(at)yahoo.com
-In the notes section, please list your real name, persona name, local park, and kingdom. This is so we can identify you at gate and confirm that you paid.
-Hit send.

Thanks everyone, please PM me with any questions!
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