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Postby Lady Tamara » Wed Aug 14, 2013 6:23 am

These are the Reps and the land they are from. Who else will be join in helping Westmarch win the Banner in this war on hunger? Will these brave souls fight alone?!?!?
Richard Wilson ....... Eternal Wolf
Olivia ... Crimson Woood
Tim Grim ...... Aegir's Hall
Mathew Saaf ...... Fal Dare
Chris Garcia .......Siar Geata
Brooklynn Overton .... Mistyvale

I would like to see each of our Lands members donate at least $2.00 each week for a total of $10.00 at the end of the month. (This would raise over $8,000 quick and easy)
Aegir's Hall[Players: 60] PM last login: about 1 month
Ashen Spire[Players: 60] PM last login: about 9 days
Crimson Wood[Players: 72] PM last login: about 3 days
Diablo's Cauldron[Players: 57] PM last login: about 13 days
Eternal Wolf[Players: 95] PM last login: about 9 days
Fal Dare[Players: 32] PM last login: about 2 days
Seven Sleeping Dragons[Players: 99] PM last login: about 2 days
Siar Geata[Players: 75] PM last login: about 3 days
Silver Sun[Players: 13] PM last login: about 1 month
Thor's Refuge[Players: 137] PM last login: about 9 days
Wavehaven[Players: 63] PM last login: about 2 days
Wyvern's Spur[Players: 41] PM last login: about 9 days
(PM’s please inactivate any inactive players for a more accurate list)
Numbers found here:

Here are a few fund raising ideas!!
1. Ask each member to donate $10 to jump start the event!!(More $$ is welcome too!!)
2. Raffles
3. Auctions
4. Penny drives
5. Tourney level ups
6. Car washes
7. Bake sale
8. Dog washes
9. Contact local schools for them to donate via donation from the children
10. Contact local businesses to donate or see if they will allow a jar on the counter for donation.
Need more ideas? Look below!!!!
Videos to watch for ideas!!

How will we, as a Kingdom, pull our lands together to raise money for the Food Fight? I have seem amazing things planned by Ka'a and many other people in TR are pulling together to make this a spectacular showing, and hope to raise $7,000 on our own. Will each of the other lands commit to just $1,000? Can you do it??? Join us here: and share your ideas!!
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Postby Guyvas » Wed Aug 14, 2013 11:56 am

Mistyvale doesn't count for us...they are BL and not under our purview
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Postby Scorch Flamedancer » Wed Aug 14, 2013 2:19 pm

Something we're doing with the dollar tourny is a cool decorated flat blade for the winner. More motivation to put more money in.
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