The War of the Darkshore XX (May 4-7)

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The War of the Darkshore XX (May 4-7)

Postby Fiks » Sun Jan 15, 2017 5:23 pm

Darkshore XX: Labyrinth
May 4–7, 2017
San Lorenzo County Park, King City, CA
Facebook Event PageWestmarch Facebook Group

This space shall be updated as more aspects of the event are announced.

Autocrats: Canara (concepts) and Fiks (operations)
Feast'o'Crat: Gwendair w/team: TBD
War'o'Crat: Kalevra w/team: TBD
Gate'o'Crat: Seras w/team: Kind, TBD
Secur'o'Crat: Laoric w/team: Decoy, TBD

San Lorenzo County Park
1160 Broadway St
King City, CA 93930

We return once again to King City. Though it will be only a few months since SKBC at the same site, the King City site is still the best fit for us with the best price around. This will be a much different experience though, since there will not be a much more strict teacher and lesson structure in place. Plus, this is the twentieth anniversary of the Darkshore event, so it will be one big party.

Flying: If you are out of state or just a fan of spending money on flights, the closest major airport to the site is SJC San Jose Mineta Internation Airport in San Jose, CA. The closest public regional/municipal airports are KKIC King City, KMRY Monterey, KSNS Salinas, KOAR Marina and KPRB Paslo Robles. Availability and booking of flights to these airports is up to you to figure out. Most out-of-state people will likely be booking a seat on a major carrier flying into SJC, in which case you will then need to find a ride south to the site. See the Westmarch Facebook Group and the Facebook Event Page to solicit rides from locals travelling from the more northern lands of Westmarch. If you end up driving yourself or your group from SJC, you will want to follow the signs for Highway 101 South as you leave the rental garage.

Driving: Find your way to Highway 101 and head either North or South to King City depending on your geological location; that part is up to you to figure out. As you approach King City, you will want to take the Broadway Exit. From the north you will exit the highway and stay to the right on the off-ramp and pass all the restaurants then pass under the highway you just exited. At the traffic light, you will hang a left. From the south you will exit the highway and hang an immediate right at the bottom of the off-ramp and then an immediate left at that traffic light so pay close attention. At this point you should be passing the Quality Inn on your right as you enter the park.

In the Park: As you enter the park you will notice the sidewalk end. DO NOT PANIC. If you were driving on the sidewalk: wtf, get down you twit. You will approach an entry booth. Most of the time this booth is not manned and you are not required to pay an entry fee at this booth. If a ranger is staffing the booth, politely explain you are with the Amtgard Roleplaying group and they should let you go on your way. Stay right through the first intersection with the large antiquated trebuchet-pitchfork-looking device. Continue straight past the barns and train-depot looking buildings. When you come to a cross intersection (+) with a brown hall to your left and RV camping sites to your right, hang a left into the parking lot by the hall. This is where gate shall be posted and you can pay your gate fees, get your entry wristband and gate favors, and get directions to the camping sites from here. Congratulations: you've made it to the Darkshore XX party.

Gate Fees and Favors
Pre-pay: $30 (+$1.25 if via PayPal)
At Gate: $35
Fri/Sat Only: $20

Pre-Pay available on the Darkshore webpage.

Remember the scene from the movie where Sarah trades Hoggle a plastic bracelet for his guidance to the Goblin King's Castle? That bracelet inspired us to seek out a gate favor for this year's Darkshore that was different from the traditional belt favor. These gold silicone bracelets bear the name of the event and a little owl and labyrinth. Each attendee gets one favor included in their admission price. Desire something a little more screen accurate to what Sarah gives away in the film? Stay tuned...

2016 saw the 30th anniversary of the immortal Jim Henson movie, Labyrinth. Here in 2017, we are celebrating the 20th anniversary of California's first yearly Amtgard campout event. Though the numbers don't quite match up, we were inspired none-the-less. For this year's Darkshore then we are happy to announce that the theme shall be the movie Labyrinth! All the games and events for this year shall be based upon the film, including a team of NPCs playing the heroes from the film. Help Sarah, Hoggle, Ludo and Sir Didymus navigate the Labyrinth, then assault the Goblin King in his castle!




For $20 you can order a bracelet very similar to the one Sarah gives to Hoggle in the movie. Plastic beads on a stretchy cord, with a faceted oval center piece of random colors for a little bit of uniqueness. All proceeds from the fundraiser bracelets go to the event.

But wait: there's more.

Every bracelet for our fundraiser also has a wooden owl tag. When you purchase (either via the website above or at gate if any are left unsold) and receive your bracelet at the event, your name shall be written onto the tag and for good reason. Much like in the movie when Sarah asks Hoggle to take her to the Goblin King's castle, you can trade your bracelet to our Hoggle NPC for a single favor during the length of the event. The favor must be within good reason, taste, and the limits of the law (so an underage attendee CAN NOT ask for an alcoholic drink; underage alcohol laws will still be strictly enforced). At the end of the game, day or the event your bracelet will be returned to you so it is important that your name be written legibly. Pre-ordering the bracelets is advisable, as there will only be a limited number available for purchase.
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