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Postby Azus » Sun Sep 29, 2013 9:35 pm

Geez. This allthing was actually enough to warrant notes! ;)

Dues paid, attendance met members in attendance:
Azus, Ubrik, Vidya, Yrduna
Not in attendance: Thistledown (however last week he made his thoughts clear

Sheriff: Yrduna (so she can wear a sheriff's hat)
Regent: Vidya
Champion, Ubrik

Regarding v8:
All present vote aye to start full time v8. The next few weeks will be weird, we discussed stating November, but consensus is, might as well start now. All present voted yes, Thistledown last week informed me his vote will be no.

Changing parks:
Stux is the most interested in changing parks. Unfortunately he wasn't present, and hasn't suggested any parks online. Discussion of other parks in Berkeley - many are small, crowded, or have needles from the homeless in the creek. We can look outside of Berkeley. Most people are amenable to changing parks if a bona fide better one is found. Cesar Chavez has nice terrain, worse public transit, holey ground, less recruitment, but is still on the books. Richmond Bay has been used int he past once. Consensus is: 1. open to committee to look into, open to future discussion. 2. Those interested in changing parks need to do the footwork finding acceptable alternatives, and be present to make the argument.
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Re: Allthing...

Postby Ubrik » Mon Sep 30, 2013 11:34 pm

Now we just need someone to run for PM and GMR
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Re: Allthing...

Postby thistledown » Tue Oct 01, 2013 7:13 am

PM is 3 months off. I'll run for it then.
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