WS Winter Reign Calendar 2016

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WS Winter Reign Calendar 2016

Postby Vidya » Wed Jan 06, 2016 11:51 am

12/4/2016- WS Park Day
12/11/2016- WS Park Day, Althing, WMTSI/WMCSI at Thors Refuge 12-4
12/18/2016- WS Park Day, Winter Quest and White Elephant
12/25/2016- Park Day TBD
12/31/2016- Burn Out the Old Year at Haus Azuna
1/1/2017- WS Park Day TBD, hopefully no Althing
1/8/2017- WS Park Day
1/15/2017- WS Park Day, WMTSII/WMCSII at Aegir's Hall
1/22/2017- WS Park Day
1/29/2017- WS Park Day

*This is subject to change
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