PM message September 2016

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PM message September 2016

Postby Yrduna » Wed Sep 07, 2016 8:21 pm

Update from your PM- This is crossposted on and Facebook

Item 1- sign in sheets. Records are updated from August 28 and September 4. I am missing sign ins for August 14 and 21 (will double check for the 21st). I think the 14th was an invasion of BP? Can someone confirm?

Item 2- Upcoming Althing. The Althing will be next weekend, September 10 and 11. This is a vote on the promotion of Aureus Saltus to Core Land status. As this was not put forth with a full month of time your options are:
Do not promote
Postpone until next month

Current dues paid members are: Azus, Drogar, Endol, Lee, Mask, Thistledown, Ubrik, Vidya, and myself. Vote at the park or PM me your votes by Sunday. I need to report to Laoric on Monday.

Item 3- October Althing. October Althing will be the weekend of October 22-23. We will be voting for Kingdom officers. Might as well make this our election for Barony officers as well. This leads us to…

Item 4- Crown Quals. Kingdom quals will be held Saturday, October 15 at Wavehaven. If you are running for any kingdom monarchy position, be there! You can also qual for Barony monarchy positions. How do I qual, you ask? Look it up here: ... -08-16.pdf
Article VI, Section 3

Note that we are able to hold our own quals in addition to kingdom quals, but ours must be within a week of kingdom. We would need to hold them on October 9 or October 23. The 23rd being the weekend of Althing might be too much, so I recommend the 9th should we choose to run our own quals. This leads to

Item 5- Declarations. Anyone wanting to run for Barony offices must declare publicly at the park and in writing to me by October 8. I’ll start a dedicated declarations thread. If you want to run for a Kingdom office, declare on caamtgard or ask Laoric. I haven’t seen any kingdom declarations yet on FB or caamtgard.

Item 6- Updating waivers. Per corpora, Article III, section 4.6.c we are supposed to update our waivers every 3 years. I’ll be compiling a list of active players whose credits predate January 1, 2014 and we will all sign updated waivers starting the first weekend of January.
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