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SSD Adventurer's Guild Items

PostPosted: Wed Jun 08, 2016 7:41 pm
by Azalin
The SSD Adventurer’s Guild is now open for business. This reign I will be running a series of games that will yield the participants bounty points. Participants may use these points to purchase items as listed below. Other items may appear from time to time, depending who makes/donates them. Bounty points can be used for obtaining physical items (spell balls, class sashes, swords, garb/tunics, and whatever wares our crafters have to offer) and trinkets/talismans (found in the Rules of Play pages 21-23). This reign, do not worry about the player limit for using trinkets/talismans in battlegames as detailed in the Rules of Play; I make no guarantees about afterwards.

Points will be gained for achieving objectives, bravery, excellence in honor, teamwork, and more. Similarly, points can be deducted for working against your own team, cowardice, questionable shot-taking, and more. During team games, points will be awarded to the winning team, but the losing team will still get a few points as a consolation. The objective is to encourage teamwork, fair play, courage, and fighting smart while still having some entertaining fights.