Midreign Results - August 2017

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Midreign Results - August 2017

Postby Azalin » Sat Aug 26, 2017 8:11 pm

Midreign Fighting Tourney

Single: Deimos (1st), Roarkshack (2nd), Stereotype (3rd)
Sword & Board: Deimos (1st), Roarkshack (2nd), Lothar (3rd)
Florentine: Deimos (1st), Roarkshack (2nd), Griffin (3rd)
Open: Deimos (1st), Griffin (2nd), Roarkshack (3rd)
Polearm: Deimos (1st), Griffin (2nd), Roarkshack (3rd)

1st: Deimos: 25 (Weaponmaster)
2nd: Roarkshack: 11
3rd: Griffin: 7
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