Concerns brought to me at FoM

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Concerns brought to me at FoM

Postby KalevraFallstar » Wed Oct 05, 2016 1:58 pm

Greetings Populace,

While FoM was amazing, it brought several things to my attention, and I would like to address some of the concerns brought to me during the event. The first of these was that members of the fighting community came to me and voiced concern over The length of Belias's Suspension, and the awarding him a title upon his return. Whether you agree with the decision or not I cannot control, but of the things expressed to me, I was made aware that the community at large was unaware of all of the facts.

1. In regards to the length of Belias and Artemis's suspension length, and the assertion that the length was me showing favoritism. To be clear about the issue, I recused myself from the proceedings around their suspension. This is not to throw my monarchy under the bus in any way. Ultimately the decision and its consequences were mine,
and I accept responsibility for that, I just want it known that specifically in this case, favoritism had nothing to do with their suspension.

2. I understand that the fighting community highly respects the title of Defender, and has its view on what it means. I would not presume to try to alter that perception, but I would like to explain my motivation behind awarding Belias the title of Defender. To be clear, I don't feel the need to defend myself for my decision, however I am always open to discussion, and
because I consider the Populaces feelings as both valid and important, I feel explaining my motivations opens dialogue at the very least. The position of Kingdom Champion in Westmarch, is not a fighting position. Unlike some kingdoms, we do not choose our Champion based on their ability to win tournaments. The job of champion is to promote the game, provide safety and over sight. Belias did an excellent job of this while he was champion. He not only continued the work of previous champions, but made solid improvements to activities related to the position,

3. As to not awarding him after his suspension, this was the hardest part of the decision for myself. but the deciding factor for me, was that I originally planned to award this title to him at Darkshore. Which would have been before he was suspended. Had I not had a medical emergency, he would have had the title when he made the mistake he made. I do not feel like I would have stripped the title from him for the rules he violated, so in the end I felt like it would be a disservice to the hard work and dedication he put in prior to making the mistake he made.

Your opinion of my choices is of course your own, I just wanted the facts and my motivations or thought process on record so that whatever your feelings on the matter, you are aware of the truth of why I made the choices I made.

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Re: Concerns brought to me at FoM

Postby Azus » Thu Oct 06, 2016 7:57 am

So the suspension of Brody and Artemis was a lengthy discussion by the rest of us monarchy - including input by those who by corpora aren't required to have a vote. One of the things we did was check Westmarch's history of banning people for alcohol - to this date, there have been none. Belias and Artemis had the harshest punishment yet Westmarch has handed down for alcohol. The suspension was also in line with the other ban Westmarch had handed down, prior in the year.

Could it have been more? Certainly. Should it have been? Time will tell if people will notice that popular people have been suspended. Also, the individuals came forward and admitted they screwed up, as opposed to Westmarch having to investigate based on eyewitness accounts to ferret out wrongdoing. That's important, someone admitting they screwed up.

We discussed several options, 3 months ban, 1 year ban from overnight events only (after all, the behavior in question is not a behavior seen during normal park days), and others. This seemed a reasonable arrangement.
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