Summer Reign 2017 Declarations

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Summer Reign 2017 Declarations

Postby SirEuric » Sat Mar 04, 2017 5:10 pm

This is my official declaration for the office of Monarch of Westmarch. I am feeling better every day and look forward to a great reign. I have several ideas for a reign theme but would like to talk to my fellow officers if I get elected to get something every one is excited for. I look forward for the opportunity to Represent us at the Clan circle of Monarchs as I have before.
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Official Declaration for Regent (Summer Reign 2017)

Postby KalevraFallstar » Tue Mar 07, 2017 12:58 pm

Hello Westmarch!

I am Kalevra Fallstar, and I am declaring my intention to run as your Kingdom Regent for the Summer Reign of 2017. I would love your consideration as I run in support of Baronetess Lady Squire Wilhelmina (Bill) the Nun. I have quite a few Ideas and plans for the reign, which I will list below, in support of the possible reign theme Pay it Forward! My main projects for the reign would be as follows:

Westmarch A&S Tournament Series: A series that mirrors the fighting series almost exactly, With a clearly laid out system that will carry through the entire series.

Pay it forward Kingdom Theme Support: Working with local Parks and the Monarch to accentuate the Reign Theme in a positive manner
How to Support A&S (discussion): I want to generate buzz about A&S in the kingdom, not just the doing but how to support new projects, and gather talented people to make concerted teaching efforts.

Judging/competing in A&S and you!: I will be seeking out experienced artisans to write up guides for not just how to craft, but how to get better at competing in the A&S environment.
How rewarding is awarding A&S(Discussion): Another attempt to generate communication about the current state of affairs regarding awards and standards for those awards, in regards to the crafting community.

Fund Raising on a local and Kingdom Level: I want to push for, and help generate, fund raising at every level of Westmarch. I will be looking to gather people with experience on the subject and make a real effort to get financial support flowing in for the kingdom and special projects within it.

The Idea of crafting as a service (Pay it Forward): Crafting and creating is great, but I would like to push forward the idea, in line with the reign theme, that A&S can support the kingdom in lots of ways, not just for the simple creation of cool stuff. Crafting with intent to serve, such as loaner garb, fund raising, or player support for special projects, would give so many more layers to the crafting community.

Thank you for reading and I look forward to the opportunity to serve you in the coming reign.

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Declaration for Monarch 2017 Summer

Postby fifty-two » Tue Mar 07, 2017 1:11 pm

Hey everyone its that time of the year. I am declaring for the position of Monarch of Westmarch. My reign idea is Fallout themed. I plan on making a to do relics and a cap system for each land. I want everyone to have a good time this reign and I'm will also be excited to do the monarch meeting at clan. Good luck to everyone running in each position.

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All the Declarations! Monarch of WM Goooo!

Postby bill the nun » Tue Mar 07, 2017 2:46 pm

I would like to officially declare for the position of Monarch for the lovely kingdom of Westmarch! Going into another reign, it is my goal for the kingdom and lands to reaffirm relationships with one another and make new connections to keep our population on the rise as a buzzing kingdom. We will accomplish this by hosting a Pay it Forward Reign with all my fellow elected monarchy (Please see Kalevra’s post in addition, as we look forward to working together to accomplish these goals. I also hope the person I’ve been pursuing for Champion also chimes in!).

It is my goal to see the individuals of lands strive for goals beyond themselves and therefore bettering their lands and the kingdom as a whole. It would be my passion as Monarch to inspire you to help your land and our kingdom to grow and succeed. Your source of inspiration this reign has only the limit of your own imagination and I leave it up to you to feel as dedicated as your heart desires. To assist with the reign goal of Pay It Forward, the reign theme will be honeybee inspired for the prosperous hive of Westmarch! All details for the Pay It Forward Initiative and Hive of Westmarch Plans TBA. I look forward to the opportunity to buzz with you in the summer reign as the Queen Bee if you’ll have me

In service,
Baronetess Lady Squire Wilhelmina (Bill) the Nun

(As an aside, can I say how awesome it is that there are so many enthusiastic candidates! That's AWESOME!)
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Re: Summer Reign 2017 Declarations

Postby Fiks » Wed Mar 15, 2017 9:45 pm

Hey Westmarch,

I've done the math, I've made the clearances, and I think I've ran out of excuses. (Last excuse I had was that I wouldn't have enough time to prepare quals entries, what with Darkshore looming ever nearer, but looks like I can make this work...) So after being directly asked to by one of the candidates for Monarch:

I am officially declaring for Champion of Westmarch.

I've worked with two of the three Monarch candidates already in a friendly capacity and I'd like to think the third and I are good (right?). Regardless of who wins that particular competition, I'm confident in my ability to work with whomever is Monarch as an experienced officer of Westmarch.

Champion is not a role I've played at very much. As such I don't have a lot of plans in regards to the running of the office. What I can promise is that I'm planning on asking for the week of Clan off from work and will do everything in my power to accompany and assist the Monarch of Westmarch in their requisite duties at the Circle of Monarchs. Last time I was at Clan I stood in front of that august body and asked for their permission for us to be a Kingdom, so I look forward to this coming year and getting to participate/spectate again.

Another thought I've had towards the office is ensuring that every land has the tools to safely check weapons and maintain their loaner bags. I plan on investigating the affordability of making sure that every land has a weapon-check template available to them. Mebbe even in WM colors?

Those are my thoughts on the position, for now. Hope you all aren't too sick of me yet.

In service,

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Re: Summer Reign 2017 Declarations

Postby Dratz » Sun Mar 26, 2017 9:37 pm

So it seems we have a lot of outstanding candidates declaring for Westmarch positions. I would be honored and in good company to serve with them. So I am officially declaring for GMR of Westmarch. Hopefully you all find me worthy to be entrusted with this position.

I have served Wyvern's Spur honorably as Champion and Baron for these last two years and feel it is time for me to step up and do more for the kingdom. I have a very strong understanding of the rules and their interactions in a game. I have experience running tourneys, reeving major events, and handling incidents in a fair and unbiased manner. As a high school teacher I feel comfortable writing and administering a fair yet meaningful Reeves and Corpora test.

It is my hope that you all see me as qualified to help Westmarch continue to grow and improve.

Lord Dratz of Wyvern's Spur
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