Welcome to Summer Reign 2017!

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Welcome to Summer Reign 2017!

Postby bill the nun » Thu May 11, 2017 11:44 am

Queen Bill here!
It is my honor and privilege to be your first queen, I look forward to having a successful reign with you! It is my goal to help us as a kingdom thrive and reach new heights. We can all do this if we work together and support each other, much as a population of honeybees—we can all work together to grow! With this idea in mind, let’s change things around a bit and see what a difference we can make for each other:

Queen Bee here!
Welcome to the hive, all my budding bees! With the Westmarch hive going into another reign, it is our responsibility to our fellow bees to reaffirm our relationships with one another and make new connections to keep our population on the rise as a buzzing kingdom. We will accomplish this by hosting a Pay it Forward Reign.
It is my goals to see the individuals of lands strive for goals beyond themselves and therefore bettering their lands and the kingdom as a whole. It is my passion as Monarch to inspire you to help your land and our kingdom to grow and succeed. Your source of inspiration this reign has only the limit of your own imagination and I leave it up to you to feel as dedicated as your heart desires.

Pay it Forward Reign
This idea is something that the Kingdom and local monarchy will be working on together as a team to help you succeed with your task assignment. Do you want to change the world? How about for one person? How about for three? The idea behind this is as it sounds; you will be encouraged to Pay it Forward and make a difference somehow in (at least) three ways. The tasks are as you choose, and your local monarchy can decide if your chosen task is qualified as ‘paying it forward’ to reach your goal of at least three good deeds.

How it works: Once you pick your task and complete it, the person whom you reached out to will be responsible for reporting it to your local monarchy. The local monarchy will be keeping track of numbers (with suggested provided template, each monarch will be getting access to once the current monarch info has been established) and entering the data. The kingdom monarchy will assist where they can to keep lands progressing, and will have access to all local land data. This will also take some of the pressure off of monarchy for trying to keep track of earned awards being as the person reporting the ‘pay it forward’ to the monarchy will be effectively notifying of potential earned award status (or just how awesome you are at being a friend!). Hence, this system works two-fold: a) encourages populace to strive in land achievements and personal ones as well as b) the monarchy having a more specific list for awards recommendations.

The local monarchy has the discretion over what task qualifies for the ‘pay it forward’ initiative. Example: Bob gives Jim a ride to the park since Jim’s car broke down: maybe the monarch sees this as a good deed but not quite enough for the reign goals. Bob regularly makes a point to teach Jim sword and board techniques and Bob is a veteran amtgarder and Jim is a newcomer: Jim is encouraged to fight more and therefore affects the population at the park, Jim expresses gratitude to the monarch about Bob, the monarch makes a note that Bob did a Pay it Forward ‘credit/goal’ and possibly qualified for his first griffon.

Awarding recognition will help encourage populace to continue striving to new heights locally, maintain attendance and help the monarchy track those that deserve it without having to rely on trying to keep track of it themselves.
At the end of the reign, custom awards (TBA) will be given to the following by the Monarchy of Westmarch at coronation:
- Most Pay it Forward Tasks completed within the kingdom (MVBee)
- Most Pay it Forward Tasks completed within a land
- Possible additions as the reign progresses!

Additional incentive: If a land decides to run a bee themed day/quest etc, I would love to hear about it, attend personally, be an NPC if desired, and publicize the event to the fullest ability to bring the buzz to your park.
If any land writes/ executes a kingdom reign themed quest, I would love for them to post it publicly with encouragement for our other lands to give it a try. I believe this will create a shared experience for lands no matter the distance, and we can bond/discuss over a common topic.

Other reign goals: I will be rotating checking in on lands and personally reaching out to each one to check in with the monarchy and see how thing are going with the reign theme and if there is anything I can do to help (personally or delegating to the appropriate person). Each land will get a packet for instructions on how to maintain Kingdom Reign goals and how they might be able to implement them on a local level.
I will be reaching out (if I haven’t already) to the Monarchies with additional information to help them implement this theme into their parks and available to help guide in whatever way I can. Thank you for your attention and I look forward to buzzing with you!
~Queen B
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Re: Welcome to Summer Reign 2017!

Postby bill the nun » Thu May 11, 2017 11:45 am

Please also see Phase one post! Thank you:)

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Re: Welcome to Summer Reign 2017!

Postby bill the nun » Thu May 25, 2017 3:10 pm

Calendar of events Summer 2017

7th-11th- Eldritch Rakis
18th- Thor’s Refuge hosts A+S Tournament Series I
24th- Wavehaven host’s a Bee Game Day!
25th- Thor’s Refuge presents The Purging III

1st- Sylvan Reaches Anniversary BBQ
19th-23rd Gathering of the Clans
30th- Aureus Saltus hosts A+S Tournament Series II

19th- Crimsonwood host’s Dunes Day and WM Midreign!
27th- Seven Sleeping Dragons hosts A+S Tournament Series III

8th-10th Westmarch Wars V
28th- Oct 1st Feast of Mars


WM Coronation TBD
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