Meal Information

Friday Morning: Pancakes, Eggs, Oatmeal. Coffee and tea available.
Friday Lunch: Various salads (potato, macaroni, greenleaf, Jello)
Friday Dinner: Hawaiian Haystacks: Rice with chicken and cream sauce on top, with a wide range of other toppings to include, but not limited to, Coconut flakes, Pineapple, peas, chow mein noodles
Saturday Breakfast: TBD
Saturday Lunch: Cold Cuts, Cheeses, Bread. To be served at the field during the feast of Odin Games.
Saturday Dinner: Baked potato, Smoked Brisket/Pulled Pork, Sides
Sunday Breakfast: Coffee cake, eggs, Oatmeal
Sunday Lunch:TBD
Sunday Dinner: Shawarma, Naan, Hummus, Rice