Westmarch 2022-2023 Winter Reign Coronation

The change of reigns is an exciting time!


Coronation is the time we celebrate and recognize the contributions and accomplishments of our members, and welcome in the new Monarchy for the coming Reign. I heard there are Dragonriders!

This reign has been an exciting restoration of what we hold dear in Westmarch: regular park days, events, crafting, tournaments. While we look back, we also look forward for what is to come!

Please join us for exciting nautical themed battlegames, a feast, and Court including awards and induction of the new Monarchy.


University Terrace Park

369 Meder St, Santa Cruz, CA 95060

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11 am event opens

11-1230 fighting, socializing

1230-1 feast served

1-230 Court, awards and welcoming the new Monarchy

230-5 battlegames

Feast menu:

Bean soup (vegetarian option)

Chicken soup

biscuits with butter and honey

fruit bread, options non-alcoholic, or brandy infused


To limit the amount of plastic, please bring your own beverages, and eating utensils if you have them.

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