"Run the Relic" battle game

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"Run the Relic" battle game

Postby hamster_mk_4 » Thu Nov 07, 2013 3:01 pm

I had an idea for a battle game:

This battle game involves an attacking team "Cultists" and a defending team "Guardians". The Cultists are given the "Relic" that they have to get to the Alter of the Guardians. If the Cultist who is holding the Relic dies, they must drop the Relic where they died. Any member of the Cultists can pick up the fallen Relic and attempt to get it to the alter. Guardians are not allowed to move the Relic if it is on the ground. The cultists can pass the Relic between them, but are not allowed to throw the Relic.

Victory Conditions:
If a Cultist manages to place the Relic on the Alter the Alter is desecrated and the game resets.
If a Guardian touches the Relic and successful completes a 20 second count without loosing contact with the relic, they destroy the Relic and the game resets.
To auto balance the teams:
If the Guardians win, the Guardian who destroys the relic becomes a Cultist next round.
If the Cultists win, the last Cultist to touch the relic becomes a Guardian next round.

Cultists and Guardians have Sanctuaries where they can not be attacked and where their dead teammates revive after a 30 second death count. These are set back from the play area so that only archers can attack from there.
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Re: "Run the Relic" battle game

Postby Scorch Flamedancer » Thu Nov 07, 2013 4:10 pm

Sounds fun to me. Are you gonna be out this Saturday? Collaborate with Fuzzy and we can set it up.
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Re: "Run the Relic" battle game

Postby hamster_mk_4 » Sun Jun 08, 2014 11:48 am

I had a stupid idea for the next time we have a swarm of kids. We do the this game except with the people in garb as team Fascism, and the non garb peasants as team Communism. Ideally team Communism should heavily outnumber team Fascism, but a death count and/or life pool should offset this a little. Team Fascism is open weapon, open class, and have a 30 second death count at their base "The Bunker". Team Communism only get a single short re spawn instantly at their base "The Rail Yard". Game ends when team Communism plants the flag at a flag stand close to "The Bunker". We shall call this game type "The Reichstag."

I was also thinking about sewing a proper flag that can fit over the end of my sort spear.

If team Communism isn't motivated enough we could add a commissar with a cross bow or pole-arm to team communism to "Chastise those who lack the patriotic spirit."
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Re: "Run the Relic" battle game

Postby LucasTheLost » Tue Jul 08, 2014 10:39 am

You get shield... you get sword... you get shield....
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