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Demigod Battle Game

Postby hamster_mk_4 » Wed Apr 15, 2015 11:57 am

I had another idea for a battle game. This one focuses on heavily on two team captains who act as mobile re spawn points. The rest of the players act as mercenaries for the demigod who last gave them life. I expect it to play out like a less chaotic game of warlord, but since this is untested, who knows?

Special game Items:
Marbles or similar tokens. The number of tokens should be equal to 3 times the number of players. More for a longer game and less for a shorter one.

All normal players randomly arrange themselves on the field 10 feet apart from each other. They all start in the dead state.

The two Captains (demigods) divide the tokens evenly and and start on opposite sides of the field. The Demigods should be armed with a single sword as they will need their other hand to pass out revive tokens

When "Lay On" is given the two demigods can move about the field and recruit the dead to their team with the tokens.

Formalized Rules:
A demigod can revive a dead player by giving them a token and saying "Arise my minion." That minion keeps the token and fights for the demigod until they are killed again. Tokens given in this way are considered out of the game and the demigod may not ask for them back.

A demigod can heal wounded minions for free, but can't heal themselves without a supercharged.

The demigods can not walk within 10 feet of each other if both are moving towards the same point they must stop and back up to keep the 10 foot buffer. If demigod does not realize they are about to violate the 10 foot rule the other demigod should shout "Ten Feet" to indicate their opponent should back off.

A demigod can be killed by the minion of another demigod.

A dead demigod can use a token to revive them self by announcing "Revived" and putting a token in a pocket other than the one where they store tokens. Just like giving a token to a minion, tokens used in this manner are out of the game.

A live demigod can use a token to Supercharge them self announcing "Supercharged" followed by a verbal 15 count (the duration of the super charge).

When Supercharged the demigod is invulnerable and their weapons are considered siege (kill on contact with equipment). this will hopefully balance the game if one demigod gets too many minions. Any wound the demigod had before going Supercharged is healed.

A Supercharged demigod still can not approach within 10 feet of the other demigod. So minions are encouraged to retreat to their demigod when the opposing demigod goes Supercharged.

A demigod's minion may drag one dead body back to their demigod for resurrection. Announce this by putting a hand on the dead player's shoulder and saying "dragging dragging dragging ..." while WALKING to the demigod. Since dead are neutral it doesn't matter if the body was a former friend or foe.

Win Condition:
The game is over when one demigod dies and is out of revive tokens.

Story / Player briefing:
Two Demigods run across a sea of lost souls and use them to settle an ancient grudge. By ancient law the demigods are forbidden from approaching or each other but that law didn't say anything about their servants.

You will be playing the lost souls, <Demigod 1> and <Demigod2> will be the demigods. When you are dead put one hand/weapon on your head and hold the other one out to the nearest demigod. If the demigod gives you a token and says "arise my minion" you become alive and fight for your demigod.

The teams here will be very fluid, so if you are unsure whose side a player is on challenge them with the name of your demigod. They should respond with the name of their demigod and you can fight or team up accordingly.

Demigods are very dangerous if they say "Supercharged" they go invulnerable and their weapon becomes Siege for fifteen seconds. Even while supercharged a demigod can't approach each other so it would be a good idea to fall back to your demigod.

You are allowed to drag dead players back to your demigod for revival. You do this by putting your hand on their shoulder and WALKING them to your demigod while saying "dragging, dragging, dragging".

The game ends when one Demigod runs out of tokens and is killed.
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Re: Demigod Battle Game

Postby hamster_mk_4 » Fri Sep 11, 2015 9:04 am

Results of play testing show this game gets very one sided quickly. The demigod that is able to capture the best fighters at the start of the game is virtually guaranteed a win. The supercharge mechanic was meant to provide a mechanism for a loosing demigod to turn the game arround, however once one demigod reached a critical mass of players the optimal strategy would be to stand within 10 feet of the other demigod and let his minions kill the other demigod until he ran out of lives. Any casualties the loosing demigod could inflict could not be turned to his side since they were inside the 10 foot buffer and the loosing demigod had no minions to drag the bodies back.

I still like the idea of designating one special player as a mobile spawn-point/commander, however the neutral dead/dynamic team element of of this game leads to very lopsided battles. From the lessons learned while play testing this game I have come up with two new games:

Two archers serve at team captains/spawn-points using the token system to keep track of a life pool. When a player dies they may return to their team captain to resurrect, team captains can heal for free. All the archer's arrows are enchanted with "love potion" when a member of the opposing team is struck by an arrow they take the wound/death as normal, but their team loyalty swaps to the archer who shot them. The archer/team captains can be killed by members of the opposite team and may spend a token to re spawn themselves. If the archer is in immediate danger they may remain dead and still respawn their minions with the normal respawn mechanic, however an archer may not shoot arrows unless they are alive. Dead players are insubstantial and may not be turned by love arrows. One side wins when the other side runs out of life tokens and players.

Carrier Battle:
This game loosely simulates a carrier battle between two island nations. There is a finite number of spawn tokens for each team representing each nation's military capacity. These tokens are stored in a static position with a disposal box designated the home island. One player can be designated the carrier and take an arbitrary number of tokens from the home island into the field.

The rest of the players are fighter aircraft that can can land (heal) at the carrier or at the home island. If a fighter is killed they may re spawn at the carrier or home island at the cost of a token. The carrier may not approach within 20 feet of the enemy home island, but may return to his own home island to restock on spawn tokens or heal. If the carrier is sunk (killed by the enemy team) all the spawn tokens the carrier had are lost and must be placed in the discard box.

If the enemy's home island is left unguarded the fighter aircraft can bomb it. This is accomplished by walking up to the enemy's spawn token container and taking up to 5 tokens from it. After this is done the player who bombed the enemy home island must return to their own home island to dump off the spawn tokens in their own team's spawn token disposal container. If a player who bombed the enemy home island is killed on the way back from a successful bombing run they still get to dispose of the enemy tokens (as they were destroyed the moment he/she got to the enemy's spawn point). The spawn tokens should be kept in nice groups of 5 for easy snatch and grab. A player guarding the home island (ie standing on the home island) may receive instant healing for limbs, but if they receive a wound that kills them, they are dead until they can move a spawn token to the disposal box. The same rule applies for any player the carrier is touching.
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