December 2022 Meeting Minutes

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December 2022 Meeting Minutes

Postby Rose » Wed Jan 18, 2023 9:49 am

BOD meeting Agenda

December 20th @ 7:08 PM

1. Attendance & Roll Call:

Officer Members Present:

Andy Brown, Jodi Van Tine, & Rose Brown

Officer Members Not Present:

Amanda Giles, Ka’a Prouty, Jordan Jameson,

Monarchy Members Present:

James Anderson

Monarchy Members Present:

Justin Smith,

2. Review and approve

November 25th meeting minutes

Motion to accept:

Motion Passes

3. Platform for future BOD meetings - James Anderson looking into Linking Discord and OBS

James Anderson is using OBS - Currently set up to show the people who are on and the agenda. There are options for adding more pages. It has its own recording system and easily hooks up with Youtube.

OBS is a free software - it works with youtube and other platforms easily. It will be easy to pass on directions. It will need to be installed but that’s the only difficulty that anyone will have.

Motion for Utilizing OBS for future meetings:

Motion passes

Motion to write a tutorial on how to work OBS

Motion Passes
There is a concern that we should have a channel that only BOD members can talk on, but that other people can listen on.

We should also have the person running the meeting have access to youtube.

4. Officer insurance: - Review of Quotes Received

Responsible Officer not in attendance - Her update is that she got together with Justin Smith and Jodi Van Tine and signed the application with the Monarch at the time. There are two applications submitted and we are waiting for them to get back to her. Still waiting on replies.

Motion to have a James Anderson contact Amanda Giles to take invite her to the meeting and pass over responsibility for this item:

Motion Passes

Motion to table:

Motion passes

5. Ka’a Prouty having online banking access:

Relevant officer not present: This issue was only for this officer, who will not be an officer next month.

Motion to close:

Motion passes.

6. Financial Summary of FOO, where and how was the money utilized?

James Anderson talked to Justin Smith about this. We have still not received all the information from the event o crat - Bacchus. Discussed having another BOD member help, but it was decided that the PM is the responsible party.

Motion to table to next Month

Motion passes

7. Post Office Box - Rose Brown to give report on Virtual Offices

Rose Brown Included a paper report - Some of the options are less expensive and seem like they would provide equal to better services. Members wanted to review the options and decide on which service to go with.

If we wait for the new BOD there will be a GAP in services. This is arguably in the purview of the Monarch and PM. We could bump to them to make the decision and sign up before the end of the month.
Motion to bump this to the WM Prime Minister and Monarch in order to get coverage before the next BOD meeting.

Motion Passes

Motion to table until James Anderson can give a report on this to the next BOD

Motion Passes.

8. Paperwork for Darkshore and Foo going forward. The BOD will possibly be taking over event booking. Before we used to have to wait till Jan to put in a bid for a date, but now we can do so 365 days in advance. We just need to get all the paperwork to be filled out and submitted for review, but we can tentatively reserve for both darkshore and FOM.

Jodi Van Tine posted the paperwork that is relevant for the events going forward.
There are a lot of things that the BOD doesn’t know anything about in the paperwork and that seems outside the BOD Purview.

The event insurance seems to be more of a contract than the rest. We can now put in for a date a year in advance.

Could the BOD take over event insurance and secure better deals for multiple events at the same time?
It doesn’t seem like there is anything in the application documents that are really in the jurisdiction of the BOD. If the BOD isn’t putting anything out as a legal entity, then it’s not really in our job to control.

It seems like placing the booking would be more of a Monarchy job if we do it before we have a specific crat chosen. The event allows us, often, to choose a date and reserve before the paperwork is filled out and paid.

Motion to close item with no further action required.

Motion passes.


What can we do to help the future BOD going forward?
Jodi Van Tine will find a BOD handbook to pass over to the new BOD.

Motion to table this issue until James can pass the handbook over to the new BOD.


James will take charge of this as it is impossible to schedule a meeting with none of the definitive members present.


Meeting closed at 8:32
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