Elect new BOD for 2010, or disband?

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Elect new BOD for 2010, or disband?

Postby LucasTheLost » Mon Dec 21, 2009 10:51 am

My fellow BOD members, we have two options before us.

1) We can elect a new BOD for 2010.

2) We can disband the BOD.

The main reason for having a BOD in the first place is to be ready to become a duchy. Our numbers of late have made it clear that Duchy Status is a long way off. Further, the BOD hasn't really Done Anything. There's not much for a Baronies BOD to do. Should we acquire sub-lands, there STILL won't be anything to do, because we cannot promote them.

Discussion here is welcome, but PLEASE PM ME your votes.

Thank you.

--Lucas the Lost
--President, BOD
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