Complaint resolution: 6-7-2019

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Complaint resolution: 6-7-2019

Postby ElSpeth Sharrisselva » Fri Jun 07, 2019 9:21 pm

Recently concerns have been brought up to this monarchy over Lady T’s involvement in Mistyvale’s online activities, specifically the Facebook pages.

The monarchy reviewed the conversations and information presented. We are satisfied that Lady T has not posted messages; has not removed members or their posts; or made any changes to the groups memberships, settings, and moderators beyond that which we specifically asked her to do.

The moderators overlooked removing her from the Mistyvale group and have since rectified the situation. It is our stance that THE MODERATORS are responsible for whether a banned member remains on the groups or is removed. Lady T is no longer a member or moderating any of the groups but may return once the terms of her ban are fulfilled.

The archived Board of Director’s group can still be accessed for information. The present BoD is free to open a new group should they deem one necessary.

It is our recommendation to Mistyvale that they use the caamtgard forums (their land section) as a means of backing up posts they wish to preserve over time. We further see no need for the land to resubmit paperwork with the State of California because a) removing Lady T’s name (when there is not a permanent ban) is an unnecessary cost for the land to bear and b) it does nothing for the current land state of affairs.

We find that Lady T has been cooperative and is fulfilling the terms of her ban. We consider this matter concluded and closed.
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