Summer Reign Objectives

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Summer Reign Objectives

Postby Guyvas » Sun May 11, 2014 8:44 pm

Greetings everyone, so I have a few announcements as your new Duke.
Over the last year and a half our park has been on a decline both in numbers and in attitude. So here are my objectives for this reign to try my best to fix these issues.
1. Positive, open communication between the populace and the monarchy: besides being more available and receptive of you all I will be sitting down every 2 weeks with whoever would like to and I will show them anything I can: fighting, weapon making, recruitment, battle game design, garb making etc. This is also another time for people to give ideas for the reign or try to help. These will be called "Talks with the Duke."
2. Recruitment: I am saddened by the number of people coming to the park every week. This whole reign I will be running contests that will have rewards and will be geared towards recruitment. Any demo ideas I will listen to and see if they are possible.
3. Land Pride: people aren't proud to be a part of Thor's Refuge anymore... I want to fix that and will be encouraging more visible TR garb and items.
4. Fun: since it is the summer we will be getting into more fighting and just doing more...we dragged around for the winter reign but we will be fighting long and hard every week we can and enjoying this game and each other.
Anyway you can help with this would be appreciated.
In service,
Man at Arms Guyvas, Duke of Thor's Refuge
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Re: Summer Reign Objectives

Postby EffaniFallstar » Mon May 12, 2014 9:47 pm

Greetings fellow amtgardians, I have a few things I announce as Regent. A lot of the A&S part of amtgard has been put on the back burner and I would like to change that.
1. By scheduling at least 3 classes this rein and finding people to teach them.
2. Working with my fellow monarchy to more include the people who prefer to do other things than fight.
3. Work with my fellow monarchy to recruit and improve our numbers.
If you would like to help with leading classes or anything else please PM me.
In Service,
Effani Fallstar Regent of Thor's Refuge.
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