Upcoming Time/month of the Crown

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Upcoming Time/month of the Crown

Postby Collin the Red » Sun Sep 11, 2016 9:37 am

TR and Westmarch Declarations are officially OPEN. Please publicly post and PM the appropriate Prime Minister your declarations.
TR will be opening up declarations for ALL Guild Master positions this reign.
Saturday October 8 Declarations for Kingdom due (post on CAAmtgard and PM Laoric)
Sunday October 16 Pride of Folksvanger Quest#5. Declarations for TR due (Post here or on Facebook, AND PM Collin either place by 10pm)
Sunday October 23 TR QUALS & WM Elections and Althing. (Absentee vote due by 10pm to Collin by PM)
Sunday October 30 TR ELECTIONS
Saturday November 6 Westmarch CORONATION AT Thor's Refuge
Sunday November 13 TR CORONATION

Westmarch positions:

TR Positions:
Monarch *
- Aelelia
Regent *
- Theria
Champion *
- TB
GM Reeves ^
- Tiberian
Heir Apparent *
GM Archers ^
GM Assassin ^
- Aelelia
GM Barbarian ^
- Collin
GM Monk ^
GM Monster ^
GM Scout ^
GM Warrior ^
GM Bard ^
GM Druid ^
GM Healer ^
GM Wizard ^

* Please note you must have passed the current Corpora and a Reeves test on or after 10/8/16 and "Qual" to hold these positions. See ARTICLE VI: CROWN QUALIFICATIONS of the CURRENT Corpora: http://caamtgard.com/docs/docs/wmk_corpora_2016-08-16.pdf
^ All GM positions need to pass a reeves test on or after 10/8/16 to count for this coming time of the crown, Class GMs need to have done 1 of the following
  • played the class in the last 6 months
  • achieved 6th level in the class
  • Awarded paragon/master in the class
As TR declarations come in, I will update this list. If after 24hrs of declaring your declaration is not noted above, please re-message me.
I will also try to keep up to date on WM declarations as well.
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Re: Upcoming Time/month of the Crown

Postby Aelelia » Tue Oct 04, 2016 1:18 pm

I, Lady Paragon Aelelia, do hereby declare for the position of Duchess of Thor's Refuge.

I realize that when it comes to positions of monarchy, I am very inexperienced, but that does not mean I am not going to do my best, or be unwilling to listen to the advice of more experienced players. My primary concern this reign will be on improving our numbers. Our attendance has been incredibly low for a duchy for some time. I have been thinking on this for some time, and I would like to oversee getting Thor's Refuge a demo at SacAnime and SacCon. I know these venues have given us the runaround several times before, but as these two conventions continue to grow in size, being able to demo, or even just advertise, will become critical for our park. I would also like to work together with our future champion to arrange monthly quests to other local parks, to increase our walk-up visibility.

I am also looking to restart our weekly A & S nights, and will be contacting Greg Lane, owner of Great Escape Games about what nights have space available, as I would like to avoid overlapping with Mistyvale's A & S night. I do not currently have a plan for a reign theme, but I plan to work together with our entire monarchy to field a variety of easy and fun games that will help ease some of the burnout our park members have been experiencing. My inbox is always open, and I look forward to hearing from all of you.

Oh, and I suppose I am also declaring for Guild Master of Assassins
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Re: Upcoming Time/month of the Crown

Postby Theriacelestia » Mon Oct 10, 2016 5:15 pm

I Theria Celestia declare for the position of regent of Thors Refuge

I know that I have not held any positions with thors refuge before but I think that regent would be a good position for me I don't want to promise to be perfect but I will promise to try my best to listen to suggestions and ideas from members of the park and to be there when I am needed I hope that you will think about making me the next regent for the winter reign of 2016- 2017
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Re: Upcoming Time/month of the Crown

Postby TB » Tue Oct 11, 2016 2:44 pm

I am officially declaring for Champion of Thor's refuge.
I have no agenda at this time, other than to show up and try to run battle games.
Please know that there will be a period in January where I will be absent for a couple/few weeks due to having a surgery at the beginning of the year.
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Re: Upcoming Time/month of the Crown

Postby ravenb » Mon Oct 24, 2016 8:05 pm

So here are the (not so) long awaited results of our Quals tournaments:

Cultural Event: 3 people entered.
Aelelia was Cultural Champion with a total score of 27.2 (7 items)
Theria was second with a score of 25.7 (7 items)
TB third with a score of 17.94 (5 items)
All three candidates submitted the required number of passing items to qualify in this part of Crown Quals for the position they seek.
Results and comments have been sent to all candidates and a copy to the PM.

The fighting event:
DV earned Warmaster with a winning score of 14.
Drenth placed second with a score of 11.
Porkins Brian Andrew third place with a score of 7
Blackthorn was fourth with a score of 6.
Joe Tator DeatonTator fifth with 5 points.
Isaacs and Gold Monkey tied with 1 point each.

Longest streak: Drenth streak of 16 in sword and shield.
Also 8 in great, 4 in open.
DV streak of 13 in Flo, 9 in open, 6 in sword and shield and SS
Brian Andrew two streaks: 9 in great, 8 in sword and shield, 6 in open.
Blackthorn: streak of 11 in SS, 6 in Flo

Results have been sent to TR PM. Any candidate wishing to have a copy of the fighting results please feel free to PM Jodi Van Tine.

All candidates seeking to qualify (Aelelia Allie Barnett, TB Mike P. Rose, Kiana Nicole Brownparticipated in the required five fighting events and successfully qualified in the fighting portion of Quals.

As of this date:
TB passed both the reeves and corpora tests.
Aelelia passed both the reeves and Corpora tests.
Theria passed the Corpora test.
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