Covid 19 announcement

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Covid 19 announcement

Postby ElSpeth Sharrisselva » Tue Apr 14, 2020 4:26 pm

With the recent addition of Emergencies and Contingencies to our Corpora (Article XI, Section 4) just voted in, I would like to now invoke this section due to the Covid 19 virus pandemic. I am cancelling all chapter meetings until further notice. It’ll likely be the next monarch who will make the determination of when this is lifted in accordance with mundane considerations. It will also be their decision as to whether to cancel Midreign, Feast of Mars, or other events (per Corpora). It is my hope that things will be better by then and we can still hold those.

What this means for you now is attendance for purposes of voting eligibility, monarchy attendance requirements, and audit attendance requirements will be suspended. All dues paid members will have their dues expiration date extended until the cancellation is lifted. I am retroactively including park days back to March 1st. It is recommended that PM’s include a placeholder for the weeks missed during this time in the same manner as they do for weather issues.

I still allow for attendance credits for making and posting videos, online instruction streaming, hanging out or roleplay on a platform such as Discord. If I’ve forgotten one, have your PM shoot me an IM.

Stay safe everyone!

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