Audit Q&A 7/3/2022 (Rose)

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Audit Q&A 7/3/2022 (Rose)

Postby Azus » Sun Jul 24, 2022 9:10 am

Rose wrote:What things would Raven recommend people making Audits do?

Read through the Corpora and be familiar with the Audit Requirements.
The Audit requirements are:
The kingdom may audit any sponsored chapter at any time, the Kingdom BOD shall conduct audits of lands every 6 months, So all chapters must provide the following requirements:

Examples of recruitment including including but not limited to examples of advertising media, photos of activities or written descriptions of how new players are brought into the park, Copies of financial records and ledgers for the last 6 months, copies of the bank statements if applicable, meet attendance requirements, details of any emergencies that affect the regular attendance of the land, Principalities, Duchies and Baronies must submit a list of a list of current officers, a list of current dues paid members and a list of the most recent crown qualifications and the most recent crown election results. Audit period are due through June 30th at 11:59PM.

Ka would like to point out to people that it doesn’t have to be a handwritten ledger but could be a google document. In the past we have had a lot of lands actually lose records, but then you don’t lose money. Lands get everything to a google drive and it’s easy to have everything uploaded to that drive ready to submit. Good for advertising to have an email associated as well.

Having a perpetual ledger is a good idea as well, and having your ledger on your google doc helps keep it safe. Ka’a says she even has hers set up in the same style as the form PDF, so that things can be copied and pasted over saving time.

Ka’a - per the Althing that the time has been changed to 11:59:59 - it’s helpful to know that it’s not midnight - It’s nice to have that clairity.
Jodi - it seems really small but if you don’t get your audit in because you thought you have until midnight and your land fails, that’s a big thing.
Ka’a - It’s a little detail but it’s a huge thing and I don’t want it to be hard for our lands and it makes it easier for them to have that clairity. What do you think about the letter int he Audit packets?

Jodi - I think it’s very important. Honestly I can’t get around to all the parks and I don’t know everyone, but if I can go through and look at the numbers, but the letter at the beginning has helped me in the past with leniency and interpreting some of the discrepancies int he audit packed and it has made it easier and more fun to go through the 2 hour audit meetings and reviews. And for me thats really important. It’s not like if they don’t get the letter it gets dinged, but it really helps the flavor of the audit. And it explains, like we all got covid and the monarch was really sick and there was smoke outside and we all went to a demo and this happened with our cash box and our ledgers and when we required screen shots of the ledgers, what if one got lost?
Ka’a - yes when I was in the monarchy and I read those and someone was like, I’m really new I could be like, hey do you need extra help? And they’d be like “We’re dying here and we need more numbers and it just lets the monarchy know how they need help and how the monarchy can reach out to them. And speaking of reaching out all the BOD members have lands they are supposed to reach out for. Have you found that helps your lands?

Raven - Yes - two of them are pretty familiar with doing audits and they were like, we’re good. But i think that gives us more of a personal involvement. I want everyone to succeed. The prime minister position is really hard and it’s a lot of work, and it’s just hard.

Ka’a - Yeah, and it’s a really thankless job. I think when I was prime minister it really helped to have someone reach out and be like hey do you need help and I’d be like Oh thank god someones noticing.

Raven - Yeah it really helps when you get into the position and you didn’t really know what the requirements were and someonea like, do you need help. Not everyones comfortable reaching out for help and I totally understand that. And it also maintains a connection and an awareness of the BOD. Rather than we meet every 6 months and go through these audits and bring down the wip, kind of a thing.

Ka’a and it’s not meant to be that way it’s supposed to be so we have a line to the lands to see how their doing. Kind of like a health check.

Raven - yeah we just want everyone to thrive and be healthy.

Ka’a We need everyone to feel like they have help and can reach out to us.

Raven - And i heard some people say that’s not really the BOD job to be doing that, but the BOD is in charge of contracts and each land in westmarch signed a contract to be a member of westmarch and in that contract is abide by the current addition of the rulebook, abide by the corpora, have regularly scheduled amtard, financial records, and a ledger format and records of awards and honors received by that chapters members. So although it’s not the purview of the BOD to supervise and monitor the lands I think that a big part and an important part is to make sure that the lands that signed a contract with westmarch are honoring the particular terms of their agreement.

Scheduled next meeting for the 11th.
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