BOD June Minutes (Rose)

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BOD June Minutes (Rose)

Postby Azus » Sun Jul 24, 2022 9:10 am

Rose wrote:BOD meeting Minutes
June 26, 2022 - 6:16 PM

Elected Members:
Andy Brown, Christian Prouty, Jodie Van Tine, Rose Brown

Not present - Jordan Jameson, Amanda Giles,

Monarchy in attendance: David Zucker

Not in Attendance - Christine Stender

Elected Members:
Amanda Giles, Andy Brown, Christian Prouty, Jodie Van Tine, Jordan Jameson, Rose Brown

1. Attendance & Roll Call:

2. Review and approve May meeting minutes: approved

3. Platform for future BOD meetings.

Zoom for holding the meeting - Youtube for recording. This seems like the best, most integrated
process. Ka’a Prouty and Jodi Van Tine will try to get together to test out the links and do a walk

Second option is discord. Records but doesn’t do video

Motion to table until next meeting. Motion passes.

4. Officer insurance:
No progress made:

Motion to table - motion passes.

5. Amtgard Tithes:
We have a credit with Amtgard International for this year and next year, so do not need to do anything
with that for the foreseeable future.

Motion to close the issue - motion passes.

6. Wells Fargo banking Issues: - Adding Ka’a Prouty to Bank account:
David Zucker was unable to get together for this. Also needs to make her chief executive of the
account. Will try to get together on the 16th and add Ka’a and add her and make her chief executive of
the account.

Motion to table until Ka’a and David can get together at a currently unknown branch. Motion Passes.
Section 7 Website Move - Jodi suggested moving this item to the very end as attempting to
reach Victoria Fraser.
Motion to move to end - motion passes.


1. Adding Quixotic Valley final contract to the list of completed land contract on caamtgard
Not listed on CA Amtgard - We need to message Fix and have him add them.

Motion to have David reach out to Fix to add to the completed lands and members of Westmarch.

Motion passes.

2. Dark Shore
They are getting a refund of $600 for the snafus in addition to the cleaning deposit of $400. The county
is unsure if they deposited our check, which we have not heard back from. We have receipts showing
money went to them but they don’t know what they did with it. Paul is in basic training right now, so
updates from him are limited. When we get the refund we should land on break even.

Motion to table until next month - motion passes

3. Petition for freehold of Valonde to join WM
Stickton Freehold has expressed interest in joining Westmarch. Asked previous Monarch to join, but
received no response. They are still interested in joining.
As Queen is out of county and it is too late to add to July althing there isn’t much we can do. Would
need to be added to the August Althing.
Jodi Van Tine wanted to get it on the agenda so it can stay on our radar as they are very enthusiastic
about joining.

Motion to table until the Queen comes back and we can add it to the althing- motion passes

4. Audit discussions.
Notice for the Audits were sent out listing the end of the period and the due date.
What things do we need to look at for the audits? Previous discussions were about Ledgers, attendance
req. Advertising.

Andy asked where the most current version of the corpora was with all the recent changes in it. - David
Zucker stated the most current version is located in the facebook files. David Zucker will try to get the
most recent corpora added to CAAmtgard and Jodi will try to add a PDF link to her post so that people
have access to the most current version. David Zucker made a post on CAAMtgard with the PDF and
Jodi was able to link to that post.

A. What will we require for showing copies for sign ins?
Rose Brown points out that we do not have a right to ask for physical sign ins. David Zucker confirms
and says that as per recent corpora amendment, lands do not have to turn in any proof of sign ins, they
must submit their statistics for sign ins.

Andy Brown mentions that the Ork recently had a glitch which has caused Dave Zucker's statistical
worksheet to no longer function and asked if that has been worked out. Dave Zucker says that it has
not yet, however there is another player who has created a similar worksheet that still functions.
Dave says he will look it up to try and distribute, as doing the stats manually can be annoying. You can
do it slightly faster by copy pasting the daily reports into an excel sheet, with a different tab for each
month then sort by name, remove duplicates and that will give the numbers needed to work out unique
sign ins.

Jodi asks how we verify that sign ins are accurate if we do not have lands submit physical sign in
sheets. Important for change of land status and for verifying eligibility to vote. Andy Brown and Ka’a
state that these numbers are not used to prove eligibility to vote. Eligibility to vote is based on
meeting attendance requirements and being dues paid. PM’s are required to turn in a sheet telling the
KPM who is eligible to vote at each election, and if they do not do so their land gets the short end of
the stick as they will not be represented or counted for quorum. Rose Brown states that it’s also
something the PM’s have to do pretty much on a regular basis as eligibility can change in a week, either
through people who had not previously been dues paid then paying, or from someone who was dues
paid running out of paid time and their status expiring.

Ka’a states that what she personally does is anytime there is an upcoming vote she checks her Dues
Paid eligible list against if they are voting eligible by attendance. Rose points out it’s something that
mostly the land level keeps track of and then informs to the kingdom level. David Zucker concurs that
it is the local PM who keeps track of who is voting eligible and who isn’t. It doesn’t necessarily help
that you are not supposed to count bonus credits towards voting eligible but the ork does not
necessarily track bonus credits. Rose Brown adds she’s not sure how much of an actual problem that is
though, as usually those who aren’t voting eligible through attendance are the same group who mostly
don’t pay dues, at least at her park. People are usually less into giving money to the park if they don’t
show up at least every couple weeks consistently. Ka’a states at her park there is a family where the
dad paid for everyone to be voting eligible, but they only come out maybe once a month. They want to
support the park. Dave Zucker says next time ask them to pay 9 dollars per person if they're not going
to vote. Rose says ask them to just donate - we get donations fairly regularly to help with stuff we’re

Jodi states her concern is voting eligible and attendance makes a difference on althings. A consensus
states that the real issue is that this is up to the local lands and the kingdom officers to keep
reasonable oversight on - not the BOD. It’s the internal running of Amtgard.
If people are changing status and their numbers look iffy we may ask for more information on how they
suddenly jumped from 5 to 30, but sign in sheets don’t help with that issue anyway as people willing to
lie will fake numbers either through getting strangers to just sign in, or having their local PM sign in
fake names.

Jodi reads the responsibilities of the BOD in the corpora - So we are responsible for making sure lands
are abiding by the corpora. Rose states they do that by entering the records in the ork. It doesn’t say
we are required to verify unless something seems off. Ka’a and Andy state that numbers can reasonably
fluctuate, Ka’a stating that especially after a demo you can get a very big jump in numbers. Jodi also
states a kingdom, where people come to your land. Ka’a states this is an important thing to talk about
in the Land letter - as it can tell the BOD why there was a sudden change.

B. Advertising:

Rose states that in the past legitimate attempts at advertising got hits on Audits. Different
BOD’s have used different standards, with one year a screenshot of facebook passing and the
next year a flier without a picture of someone posting it fails. Rose states the one that really
comes to her mind is a few years ago Bacchus’s park did a big Demo at a fair, and took pictures
of flyers and had pictures of people fighting but they got hit because they didn’t have pictures
of people at their sign in table and their name wasn’t in the program even though it had been
supposed to.

Dave Zucker states that the corpora has changed and to “Examples of recruitment including but
not limited to samples of advertising media, photos of activities or a written description of how
new people were brought to the park.” If someone said in the letter, “We did a demo” it should
be sufficient, writing that someone posted fliers should be sufficient. Are these good methods
of advertising? David feels that question is outside our purview. As long as there is some
evidence of them doing something to bring people to the park. Jodi states that if it’s not in the
letter, we would have no way of knowing it’s happening so that’s one thing that makes that
letter so important. Everyone voiced agreement, they do need to at the very least include it as
an explanation in the letter.

Rose states - What I’m hearing is that if they state anything about
advertising it should fulfill the requirement.

Jodi states that she will specifically add that section of the corpora to her post for PM’s to be
aware of.

Ledgers - Last Audit we had a disagreement on the Ledger. Jodi states that per the corpora
there needs to be copies of ledgers, and copies of bank statements if applicable. Rose States
that last time the issue was that some of the prime ministers use the audit form as their
electronic ledger, and then just turn that in as their audit form. I contend it should count as it
is a digital record keeping system. Jodi states that we require copies of their physical ledgers,
so that we can compare it to what they type in the audit packedge, be the ledger an excel
spreadsheet or a physical.

Ka’a brought up that there was a land where their ledger and older
documents went missing and because their stuff wasn’t digital money has gone missing. Ka’a
states we should encourage lands to keep digital copies. Rose states that she thinks that is a
great idea, but that enforcement of that as the corpora is currently written is not in the
purview of the BOD. It would be a really good idea if Westmarch set up some kind of shared
google excel sheet thing, with a tab for each land to enter their numbers and tracking edits to
the ledgers so that the kingdom could have accurate numbers - but that would require the
kingdom to set up and a corpora amendment to require. Ka’a states that as the BOD we help
our lands succeed, and it’s something we could encourage them to do. And ask if they need
help from the BOD and the PM to set up a digital file.

C. The Buddy system. Jodi states that what we normally do is Dibby up lands and have
each member check in one some lands. Jodi Asks Rose to post a list of lands to assign
people to. Rose starts going to find the list.
Here is the list that was eventually created.

Raven: Thor’s Refuge, Fal Dar, Mistyvale & Clockwork Spires

Ka’a: Crimsonwood, Aegirs, Aureus saltus & Wavehaven

David Zucker: Wyvers spur

Amanda: Seven Sleeping Dragons & Nymyrs Santum

Andy: Siar Geata & Ashen Grove

Rose: Breman’s Fortress and Valley of the Fallen

Defunct - Belial Peaks, Sylvan Reaches & Skyfire Bay

Ka’a asks if we want to try and do a Q&A for anyone who has questions on the Audit process. A
post will be made with questions beforehand - and then answer questions on the discord and
then post the answers. In Addition to a live session, can we have a place where people can ask
questions and give answers? Ka’a states a place on FB will be made ahead of time.

Motion to have Ka’a to set up 2 Q&A Chat - chat in Discord and post the place to ask question on
facebook and discord, with at least 3 members of the BOD in attendance before the 15th

Motion Passes

Andy made a motion to have every single question that is asked and every question that is answered
placed in text and posted on facebook, discord and CAAmtgard

Motion passes.

Motion for BOD members to reach out to their chosen lands, and have the list of buddy lands posted in
Facebook, Discord and CAamtgard and ask if they need help or have any questions.

Motion passes.

Motion to table discussion of Audits until next Month.

Motion passes.

7. Website move - Unlocking CAAMtgard and moving information to new:
Unable to contact Grix’s web host. We have to wait until they release it to Grix before we can do
anything. Should we try and involve a lawyer to write them a stern note?
Victoria Fraser responded that she needs more information but she would be willing to help us out with
Ka’a will connect Grix and Victoria and see if they can work together to work things out.
Motion to table until she is given more information.
Motion passes.

5: Herald/Scribe/New position to be named - Can we create a position to help post BOD stuff
across all platforms. We discussed If the position would be Herald or Scribe - Looking at
corporas it doesn’t look like either position is exactly what we want. Dave Zucker states we can
by corpora just create a position to do what we want. Andy states it sounds like Dave Zucker
has fun things to talk to Scorch about.

Jodi makes a Motion to investigate creating a position possibly under regent.
Rose states if we are going to make the position for BOD, we should just create a new position
because otherwise the job description will put the person under monarchy - which is separate
from where they need to be to help the BOD.

Dave states that creating a position would be under the monarch, who isn’t present.

Ka’a makes a motion to table until the monarch can be requested to create a position of herald
to help the BOD and the Kingdom.

Motion Passes.

2:00 PM Sunday July 17th

Meeting closed at 7:55
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