Kingdom Coronation Awards (November 2019)

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Kingdom Coronation Awards (November 2019)

Postby ElSpeth Sharrisselva » Wed Nov 20, 2019 9:51 pm

Last PSA (Pharoah Service Announcement) for this past reign. These are the awards given out last weekend at the Kingdom level. Please do not read anything into the order they are listed because I don't have it in me to spend hours trying to figure out who would be offended by someone else being mentioned before them.

If there are mistakes, chalk it up to cut/paste and check with Clenawe on what's entered in the ORK. We did update this with the removal of orders declined, corrections, and a bit of housekeeping.

So here they are:
Westmarch Kingdom Awards Given Out November 16, 2019
Leah—Duchess--For serving as Kingdom Monarch
Faye—Baroness--for her service to Westmarch and stepping into the office of Monarch when needed
Po—Baronet—for serving as kingdom GMR
Slowpoke—Lord--for many terms of PM, getting loaner weapons for Ageir's Hall and more
Theria Celestial—Lady--for all her service to her land and Westmarch as a whole
Quil—Lady--For being a rock in BP and kingdom, helping run multi-land events, and working hard to find new players
Tiberian Alcoste—Captain--For excellence serving TR
Silent Judge—Lord--for his support and love of his land and this kingdom
Nox—Lord—for serving as kingdom regent
52—Baronet—for serving as kingdom champion
Jace Darkholme --Master dragon
Ohlanna--Master Garber
Fiks--Master Crown
Porkins--Master Crown
Deimos --Master Crown
Azus--Master Crown
Scoot-- Master Crown
CJ--Master Crown
Nakita--Master Crown
Euric--Master Crown
Mask --paragon assassin
Eilujllah--4th dragon—for Jabberwocky recitation at Kingdom Crown Qualifications
Vidya--3rd dragon--for earning cultural champion at Kingdom Crown Qualifications
Vidya--4th dragon--for her molasses bread and onion bread entries at Kingdom Crown Qualifications
Rangor Treecrusher--4th rose--for helping a member of the Amtgard family in their time of need, being a constant friend and mentor when one of our most vulnerable needed it most.
Alura Crengrove—2nd owl--for making a box for Meylissia's new coronet
Penthesilea—6th rose—for serving as FoO Gate o Crat
Lothar—8th rose—for serving as FoO Secur o crat
Skalkeda—5th rose—for serving as FoO Co securo crat
TB—9th rose—for serving as War o crat across multiple events (9th only…8th given by CW)
Ohlanna De Mowbray—9th rose—for serving as FoO Feast o crat
Tiny Rick—1st and 2nd rose--for FoO set up and take down
Maul—5th rose—for FoO kitchen help and site clean up
Dratz—5th rose—for serving as Assistant war o crat
Jace—3rd façade—for his portrayal of Loki at FoO games
Roark—5th gryphon--for honor during the Kingdom Crown Qual Tournaments
Lady Aleera McCormick—2nd dragon--for a necklace she made for the Pharoah
Rosethorn—6th dragon-- for her plastidipped hieroglyphic box she made for the Pharoah
Yrduna—6th garber--for her beautiful beaded headress
Yeison—9th owl--for all the items he made for CW's reign as prizes
Thistledown—6th dragon—for his digital art entry at Kingdom Crown Qualifications
Azzmianm—8th owl--for his Ork armor entry at Kingdom Crown Qualifications
Halavere—2nd dragon--for his steel cloak pin entry at Kingdom Crown Qualifications
Roark—8th order of the Warrior for Winning kingdom Warmaster at quals
Ubrik—7th owl-- for his lantern
Fiks—4th lion—for his fundraising efforts and continued photography of Westmarch events
Gale—4th order of the warrior—from the tourney at CW
Fenra—2nd order of the warrior--from the tourney at CW
Iro--1st order of the warrior--from the tourney at CW
(Rose) Courtney—2nd order of the warrior--from the tourney at CW
TB--9th dragon--for Fenra's wooden scroll
Deimos—9th dragon--for Drenth's Master Rose scroll
Blackthorn--6th and 7th dragons—for doing scrolls for Nikita, CJ, Deimos, and Xiaho
Jason The Man (Yeison)—4th dragon--for the plastidip sword scroll for 52's Baronet title
Vael—6th dragon—for the scroll for Leah’s title
Clenawe—7th dragon—for the scroll for Faye’s title
Kalevra—7th dragon—for the scroll for Slowpoke’s title
Ka'a—9th dragon—for her scroll for Quil’s title
Dagney—7th and 8th dragons for Jace's 10th Dragon and Ohlanna's master garber scrolls
Alura Crengrove—3rd dragon—Azus’ master crown scrroll
Spade (Licheng Mai)—4th and 5th dragons—for scrolls for Scoot's master crown and also for Boots lord title
Feisk the kid (Erikamae Publico)—1st dragon—for the scroll for Rosethorn's title
Cohen—1st—dragon--for Lee's scroll
Perr—1st dragon--for Meylissia's scroll
Sebastion--3th Smith from VoF (kingdom approved)--in recognition of sponsoring a major Amtgard Activity
Sebastion--3rd Rose from VoF (kingdom approved)-- for effort and performance of beneficial service to Amtgard
Ares—2nd dragon—for A&S entries at FoO
Eon—3rd owl—for swords entries at FoO A&S
Toshan—1st dragon—for a leaf key ring entered at FoO A&S
TB—9th owl—for pouches and FoO relics
Vidya—1st Smith—for hosting Kingdom midreign
Sebastion—4th rose--for stepping in to help run tourneys at kingdom midreign
Arriana Hale—4th smith—for hosting kingdom crown qualifications
Ka’a—4th smith—for co-hosting kingdom quals
Xiaho-- Master Owl
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