Information to include

A reminder of information to include

For the title of the base page, please include the year! If you don't include the year, a member of the IT team will edit your pages to include it. We don't want Darkshore 2022 to be confused with Darkshore 2020, after all!


Many of you have cratted enough events, this reminder is old hat to you. For newer crats, this list might give helpful pointers. Asterixed items are more important!

  • Introduction & overview*: What is the theme? What story is there to that theme? Who is the autocrat?
  • Dates*: What days, when does gate open, when do we need to be off site?
  • Location*: and if feasible, please provide links to a google map (or other)
  • Cost*: gate fee, meal fee, day trip vs overnight. And additional fees
  • Crat Team: Who is the team, who is in charge of what?
  • Prepay options (standard for pre-pay is paypal to Westmarch's account)
  • Food options
  • Schedule
  • Games description, backstory
  • Competition Results*: After the event, please give winners of A&S, and tourney competitions, as well as other information (scores, streaks, etc)