List of files:
Basic Amtgard Documents
Rules of Play 8.5.3 Saucy Aug2023
Dor un Avathor Monster manual
WM Online Waiver - English For new players
WM Online Waiver - Spanish  

WM Paper Waiver - English For new players
WM Paper Waiver - Spanish certificate of translation
Organization / Government Documents
Westmarch Corpora December 4, 2023
COC - Complaint Handbook Guide for processing coc complaints
Corpora changelog  
Affirmation Affirmation from original corpora
COK Charter Charter for WM Circle of Knights v2, Nov2023
Useful Documents for Park Officers
Champion's Handbook Guide to running games
Cutural Events A&S (quals, dragonmaster)
and tourney information
from Aug2022 corpora
Basic WM Paper signin sheet Tracking attendance
Kingdom PM handoff sheet For change of office
Local PM Handoff sheet  
Westmarch Land Audit Forms
Online forms
COC Complaint Form For formally submitting a complaint for Code of Conduct violation
Award Request For nominating people for awards.
EIN use form If you wish to use Westmarch's EIN for events
WM Event Bid form For autocrats to place bids, detailing event information
Overnight Permission for Minors Minor Overnight Permission Slip
For if your minor will be attending a WM camping event
Useful Links
Discord Westmarch's discord chanel.
Amtgard.com Official website of Amtgard International.
Amtgard Online Record Keeper View credits, awards and other information about amtgarders.
The Amtwiki User driven database of all things Amtgard.
Amtgard Facebook Group Facebook group populated by hundreds of Amtgarders from all over.