Affirmation of Corpora

Affirmation from the original Kingdom Corpora

Section 1. FINAL WORDS
These bylaws were revised by the Corpora Committee created by Sir Euric Bloodstone, Prince of Westmarch. The revision and additions for Kingdom were completed March 3, 2012. Bylaws and corpora were based on the corpora of various existing kingdom documents from, but not limited to, the Kingdom of the Desert Winds, the Empire of the Iron Mountains, the Kingdom of Dragonspine, and the Kingdom of the Burning Lands. Westmarch thanks those that have come before and provided a solid foundation for what we have here.

Section 2. COMMITTEE
Baron Sir Keluric Tryst, Chairman (Thomas Schneider)
Grand Duke Sir Euric Bloodstone (Robert Mott, Sr.)
Baron Squire Hannoske (JD Helm)
Baron Squire Niveus (Shawn Ramus)
Lord Azus (David Zucker)
Lord Ranvier (Nicholas Denny)
Baron Fiks (Ian Crawford)
Baron Squire Deimos (David Inglis)
Lord evil Randy (Randall Eddington)