Crimson Wood Coronation

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Crimson Wood Coronation

Coronation will be May 11th!

The fighting tournament will begin at noon.

Dragon Master entries will be judged after the fighting tournament to allow judges to fight, as desired. Entries may be submitted until judging begins.


Cultural Champion Competition Rules:

Any A&S items will be accepted (other than alcoholic beverages, as alcohol is not permitted in parks in the city of Rohnert Park). A note must be included with entries detailing the entrant’s work on the item (e.g. materials used, did the entrant construct the entire item or part of the item, etc.).

Judges will score entries on a scale of 1 – 5. The final score for a single entry will be the average of the judges’ scores for the item. Each entrant’s top 3 items will be tallied for determining the Cultural Champion.