Pokemon Battle Game Rules!!

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Pokemon Battle Game Rules!!

Postby Scorch Flamedancer » Sun Mar 03, 2013 2:40 pm


Object of the Game
This game requires 3 to 4 teams of four to play. Each team consists of one Trainer and three Pokemon. The Trainer is the only player that isn't allowed to be armed, but may be equipped with one shield. The object of the game is to kill the Trainer.
This may be done by:
1) Incapacitating the opponent Trainer's Pokemon
2) Sneak attack by going around your opponent's Pokemon
3) Attacking through opposing Pokemon ((throwing weapons/arrows/pushing through))
4)Teaming up with another Trainer to overcome and defeat a Trainer and his Pokemon

The point of the game is to defeat all other Trainers and their Pokemon (who are out of play once their Trainer dies).
And to be the very best like no one ever was.
To Identify yourself as a Pokemon, you must repeat your Pokemon's name as you fight (Ex. Pika! Pika Pi! PIKACHU!!)

Trainer's once killed cannot be revived. Pokemon, however, can be revived and healed with the use of potions, a Healer class Pokemon or the Pokemon Center. A Trainer administering a potion or revive must repeat the name of their Pokemon and type of healing three times. (Ex: Pikachu potion, Pikachu potion, Pikachu potion!) A Healer class Pokemon must wait on the Trainer's order to heal a Pokemon. The healing spell then falls under standard Amtgard healing rules.
To use the Pokemon Center (which will both revive and heal removed limbs), a Trainer must personally escort his Pokemon to the Center, and preform the dance and song with the injured Pokemon (Example will be provided). The rest of the party doesn't have to join in. Though it is encouraged.
Pokemon cannot be shattered.

Each Pokemon is allotted special attacks based on their class in addition to their allowed weapons, which is also based on their class. Depending on their level, they have additional attacks. Each special attack cannot be independently executed by a Pokemon. A Trainer must give an order to a specific Pokemon to make a special attack (Ex: Pikachu, thunder bolt!)
A Trainer can only call out a special attack after a 50 count. A Trainer however can (though its not required) command his Pokemon to coordinate normal attacks with swords/bows/throwing weapons etc.
Every Pokemon has an additional special attack called 'Self–Destruct'. This attack does not require a Trainer's command. A Pokemon must call out 'Self–Destruct' five times. If the attack is completed, he must call personal 'Hold' and everyone (Trainer's included) within that Pokemon's short sword radius is now considered dead and that Pokemon that made the attack is removed from play.
If an effected Pokemon's Trainer is still alive, they may be revived with a potion or the Pokemon Center. However, the Pokemon that administered Self–Destruct cannot and is to be removed from the rest of the round.
A Trainer doesn't have to memorize their Pokemon's attack to call it out, just the Amtgard name for it, though it would be way cooler if you did. (Ex, Pikachu, Call Lightning!) Trainer sheets are provided so you may write down your Pokemon and their attacks to tuck into your shield.
Once a Trainer calls for a special attack, the normal Amtgard rules apply for the Pokemon player. (Ex. “Trainer: Pikachu, Thunder Bolt!” “Pokemon: Hold ball and repeat x5 "Acid Bolt.")
The special Amtgard attacks listed under your chosen Pokemon are the ONLY ones you're allowed to use. If you are a spell caster, you cannot go outside your designated list for your selected Pokemon.

Every Pokemon has 2 points natural armor. Trainers have no natural armor, only their shield. Their shield cannot be broken.
Weapons of Pokemon players are still able to be shattered by arrows, spells etc based on the abilities allotted by enemy Pokemon and Amtgard standard rules.
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Re: Pokemon Battle Game Rules!!

Postby Scoot » Sat Apr 13, 2013 12:03 pm

Thank you for your input, apparent player from the Philippines.
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