Land Declaration Winter 2021

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Land Declaration Winter 2021

Postby Aelelia » Sat Oct 02, 2021 12:28 pm

Good afternoon folks,

I, Lady Page Aelelia Paragon Assassin, am declaring for Monarch of Thor's Refuge for the winter 2021 reign. It is my intention to focus the winter reign on planning new recruitment strategies with the current populace of the park, including a discussion on potentially moving the weekly meeting place of the park once more to a more visible location. I also intend to reinstate our weekly a&s night at Great Escape Games, or potentially replace it with a weekly tabletop game night. I will also be contacting the owner of Great Escape Games about being allowed to put up flyers and business cards for advertising purposes. I look forward to a season of building for the future of our land.

Yours in service,
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