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Midreign Details

Postby Collin the Red » Sun Aug 09, 2015 10:12 am

1. Cultural events are held as part of the crown qualifications process and shall consist of seven (7) categories, each of which is broken up into individual sub-categories.
2. Standard sub-categories are listed for each category in the following table. Additional sub-categories may be added if there is interest for at least three (3) entries and the sub-category is published along with the specific requirements for Crown Qualifications.

Category: Garb
Fighting Garb Made for wear on the battlefield
Court Garb Made for wear during Court or formal functions
Monster Garb Made for portrayal of a monster class
Other Garb Garb not covered within the other Garb events
Garb Accessory Belts, pouches, favors, but not jewelry.
Category: Art
Flat Art 2-D artistic medium (illustrations, painting, etc.)
3-D Art All three-dimensional artistic mediums
Needlework Embroidery, latch hook, cross-stitch, knitting, beadwork, etc. (Non-Machine)
Jewelry Items made to be worn as jewelry
Digital Media Photography, movies, web pages or digital enhanced art.
Category: Literature
Fiction Any fictional work
Non-Fiction Work based on factual events
Battlegame Description of a new game to play with Amtgard rules
Poetry Any type of Poetry
Category: Cooking
Main Dish Food served as a main course
Side dish Food or condiment served to accompany a meal
Beverage Any beverage and may be alcoholic
Dessert Food served primarily as a dessert
Category: Construction
Weapon Weapons legal for Amtgard use
Shield Shields legal for Amtgard use
Armor Any form of armor for Amtgard use
Banner Any banner construction
Active Construction Items made for battlefield use not covered by other events
Passive Construction Items not for battlefield use and not already covered by other events
Category: Bardic
Singing Singing with or without accompaniment
Instrumental Music Any musical performance with an instrument
Dance Any form of dancing or choreographed movement
Recitation Story, poetry, comedy, drama, etc.
Category: Rose
Rose Items donated that impact Amtgard.
3. All entries (or “items”) except cooking must be related in some way to Amtgard or the related genres. Documentation notating such is encouraged.
4. All cooking entries
a. Should be made primarily from scratch
b. Should include enough for all judges to get an adequate taste of the entry
c. Should include a copy of the recipe used, including a detailed list of ingredients for allergy considerations
5. All entries must be signed in within the time constraints set forth by the autocrat of Crown Qualifications.
6. All entries into Cultural Events must be the individual work of the entrant or be listed as a joint entry.
a. No more than one (1) qualifying entry may be a joint entry.
b. A joint entry is defined as an entry where less than 75% of the work was done by one person.
7. An entry is considered to have received a qualifying score if it receives an average score of 3.0 from the judges.
8. Only one (1) qualification may be received per contestant from each sub-category.
9. No item may be entered in more than one (1) sub-category.
10. Items entered in inappropriate sub-categories may be moved to other sub-categories by the autocrat of Crown Qualifications, with the consent of the majority of the judges.
a. Consultation should be given to the entrant by the autocrat of the Crown Qualification Event
11. Should beverages be alcoholic, they shall be judged at a different time and location than the other cultural events unless the location used permits alcohol. All judges for alcoholic beverages must be at least 21 years of age.
12. A strategic gaming category may be held with the approval of the Autocrat, including--but not limited to--games such as chess, pente, etc.
a. The winner of the strategic gaming category shall receive an extra cultural qualification providing at least five (5) people participate in the event.
b. A qualification earned from strategic gaming may only be counted once towards becoming Arts and Sciences Champion and will only receive a score of 3.0.

1. The cultural competition (“Dragonmaster”), is held in the same manner as per the Cultural Events of Crown Qualifications, except where noted.
a. An individual’s Arts and Sciences score shall be determined by:
i. In the case of multiple entries in the same sub-category, the highest scoring of them will be used to score that sub-category
ii. The top five (5) event scores will be added together to determine the Arts and Sciences Score.
b. The individual with the highest Arts and Sciences Score shall be the winner.
c. The winner will be known as Dragonmaster until the next Dragonmaster competition.
2. The fighting events (“Weaponmaster”) are held as part of the Midreign event, in the same manner as the Warmaster tournament.
a. The winner shall be known as Weaponmaster until the next Weaponmaster tournament.
3. Both Dragonmaster and Weaponmaster will be held on the same day in the same location.

Midreign is joint with Mistyvale and will be on August 30th at Fair Oaks Park (TR's home).
All A&S entries MUST be signed in by 1pm
Any written entries over 500 words (aprox. one page) must be PMed to Collin the Red here on CAAmtgrad.com or Collin MacAbee on Facebook by Midnight August 23rd.
If you plan on entering Alcohol, or use glass in your entry, you must let me know ASAP and no later than Midnight August 23rd so arrangements can be made.
Remember no glass containers are allowed at Fair Oaks Park so prepare accordingly. As Liaison Officer I will be checking with the Parks District for special permission for glass art.
If you are not entering in the Dragon Master, I do need judges.
Items need to be less than 1 year old, have never been entered in a Dragon Master of any level (as this is a Shire and Duchy event) previously.

All entries should have the following information included on an entry card:
  1. Catagory and Sub Catagory
  2. Description
  3. Detailed description on the process to make the item
  4. Time taken to create entry
  5. materials used / ingredients / source material
  6. Who worked on it "self only" or "Self __%, others ___%"

Card should NOT have your name on it and leave space for the entry number.

If you need to keep your food item hot, we will have electricity available for crockpots and hot plates. We also have the BBQs starting at 2, but we may be able to hook up early.
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Re: Midreign Details

Postby SirEuric » Tue Aug 11, 2015 5:55 am

I will offer my services to judge.
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Re: Midreign Details

Postby Collin the Red » Tue Aug 11, 2015 6:08 pm

Thank you.
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