declaration for TR Monarch

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declaration for TR Monarch

Postby ravenb » Tue Mar 15, 2016 12:34 pm

My name is Raven Skullsmasher, and I would like to declare for TR Monarch. I remember when Little Monkey first brought me to Amtgard three summers ago. People welcomed me and told me about all the opportunities in Amtgard: fighting, crafting, events, and just plain hanging out at the park. Because we were accepted so positively, we have made Amtgard an integral part of our lives. It has provided my son a team sport which I like frankly much better than baseball or soccer! Even though LM was only 11 at the time, the fighters taught him how to fight, use magic, and incorporated him into their battle games. Even after a brush with the ER by a chariot, he loves Amtgard and makes it a high priority.
For me, it has gotten me back in touch with my sewing machine, and reminded me how much crafting gives me a creative outlet. It has also provided an outlet for my competitive side, with the A and S contests. I have mentors, friends, and hopefully have passed along what I have learned to some fellow crafters. I also love the medieval aspect of the organization, with courts and feasts. Most recently, I have dedicated my time more to service rather than crafting, serving on the TR BOD as treasurer, WM BOD secretary and TR pro-tem regent for Winter 2015-2016.
In light of the recent audit, and review of my performance as TR BOD treasurer, I feel I could have done a better job taking a more active role in being involved with the financial aspects of the park. I feel partially responsible for the failure of TR in this part of the recent audit. My communication with and learning from the park PM’s should have been much more. And for that I pass along my regret for the part I have played.
In the last six months, I have dedicated myself to working more in service positions, and have learned a tremendous amount about how a park is run, how Westmarch is run, about the Corpora, and studying RoP. Since I am older, I do not see myself as an active battlegame participant, but have really been enjoying organizing TR Midreign and feast, arts and sciences classes, and working cooperatively with TR Monarchy. I am enjoying working with other WM Kingdom members on the BOD is a fantastic learning experience about how Westmarch works. I had no idea that Amtgard was so big and organized when I started.
I believe I have a lot of enthusiasm to offer, and would like to declare for TR Monarch. I was really disappointed when Thor’s Refuge failed a second audit in a row, and was voted for a demotion to Barony by the Kingdom. I would like to see TR actively recruit and train new players, increasing our numbers and keeping them at Duchy levels. I would like to see TR use advertising more effectively, passing out cards and posting flyers, maybe have a meetup site or promote their Facebook page. It is important once you excel at something, to pass along that knowledge to others. We have many excellent fighters that have a lot of expertise to offer. I would like to encourage more arts and sciences classes, either off site during the week, or monthly/semi-monthly classes at the park. We have an updated attendance system in place now, so missing sign-up sheets and attendance logs are being addressed. This will continue. I want to see the passion for Amtgard nourished at TR. I would also like to encourage TR members travelling to other parks, promoting a harmonious relationship with other parks in the Kingdom, and show the other parks that TR rocks!!
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Re: declaration for TR Monarch

Postby Collin the Red » Tue Mar 15, 2016 8:33 pm

ok, that's one official declaration.
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