Dues paid status

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Dues paid status

Postby Collin the Red » Thu May 05, 2016 5:02 pm

The following members' dues have NOT expired:
Arilynn (needs to pay $4 difference to be eligible on WM votes)
Belias Nuul Mora
Collin MacAbee
Effani Fallstar
Kalevra Fallstar
Little Monkey (pre-paid, starts 8/23/16)
Mera Jade (needs to pay $4 difference to be eligible on WM votes)
Ohlanna De Mowbray
Perralayth W. K. Greycloud (needs to pay $4 difference to be eligible on WM votes)
Shadobi Kuethes Euricsen
Sir Euric Bloodstone
Sir Nakita
Theria Celestial
Tiberian Alcoste (paid the difference)

The following members' dues have expired:
Artemis TR
Raven Skullsmasher
Repo Hopilis
Torbjorn Kegsleyer
Xendrik Fallstar

I will have the receipt book and petty cash with me at Darkshore, and I will be at TR Sunday if any wish to pay dues.

A reminder to TR BoD members, IIRC, you are required by corpora to remain a "voting" member throughout your term.

If there are any dues related questions see me, or PM me to resolve.
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