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May State of the Duchy Report

Postby Collin the Red » Fri May 13, 2016 9:27 am

As PM certain bits of information is to be released to the populous on a regular basis.
So here it goes:

Population: UP (up over 1 weekly, up over 50% monthly Uniques 6mo. ave)
Per the ORK our weekly average over the last 12 months was 23.18, last 6 months is 24.88
Per monthly unique calculations averaged across a 6 month period in December it was 37.3, as of May 57.2

Cash: UP over 50%
(money in Petty Cash, Savings, and Checking Combined)
As of 1/1/16:......................$492.80
As of Today (5/13/16):...........$743.80

Current Monarchy:
Duchess* - Raven Skullsmasher
Regent* - Effani Fallstar
Prime Minister - Collin MacAbee
Champion - Tiberian Alcosta
GMR - Sir Euric Bloodstone

Current BoD 6 of 7 voting members (due to PM being also elected to BoD)
President - Balias Nuul Mora
VP - Torbjorn Kegslayer
Secretary - Aelelia
Treasurer - Porkins
Liaison Officer - Collin MacAbee (only votes once)
Monarch's seat - Raven Skullsmasher
PM's Seat - Collin MacAbee (only votes once)
ALT - VACANT (would get a vote if occupied)

We meet at Fair Oaks Park near Madison and Fair Oaks, in Fair Oaks, CA
Normal Park days are Sundays, 12-4p, Rain or Shine, Hot or Cold, Events or not.

Semi-Annual audit paper work has been in progress and kept up to date on a weekly basis.
Award from Coronation, Darkshore, and any sent to me that I had the power to enter/alter, has been done.
Outstanding Awards items are waiting on confirmation from past Monarchy members.

Current project, removing all TR members from the "Westmarch Event Credit" "Land" and merging them with real personas. (some players might get 2 credit boost in some class, but this removes duplicates from the ORK.)

Collin MacAbee
Prime Minister of Thor's Refuge
and BoD Liaison Officer
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